New single and music video review: KAT featuring Mark Haze releases new single and music video called ‘Wolves’

Review done by Duzzy Clayton


I am pretty excited about singer songwriter KAT and her new single Wolves, accompanied by a great music video. The track also features South African rock legend Mark Haze who appeared on Idols SA a few years ago and has done some great things since then. Kat and Mark Haze have put together a really great track called ‘Wolves’. Listening to the track, Kat’s vocals are amazing and the music arrangements, which might seem quite aggressive at times, are actually awesome and really give a punch to the face when listening to the song.

The song itself speaks a lot to empowerment, not only against woman and child abuse, but any kind of abuse that people could be subjected to, such as LGTBQ issues and Gender Based Violence among others. ‘Wolves’ also suggests that even though you might be messed around or even be abused, you can come out the other side even stronger despite the abuse. You are allowed to succeed, no matter what life or people throw at you, which I think is a great message for anyone to be inspired by. I revert to a lyric in the song that goes like this: “Throw me to the wolves, I return leading the pack”, which on a side note, I actually think would be a cool thing to get as a tattoo. In my opinion, because they may be great words to live by, tattoo ideas aside, those few lyrics can tell you almost everything you need to know what the song is about. One thing I would like to mention about the music video: at the end of the music video there is a disclaimer that pops up which states: “If you or a loved one is experiencing Gender Based Violence, please call: WhatsApp, the LifelineSA Stop Gender Violence Helpline on 0800-150-150-24/7. I think this is a great cause to be getting behind.

One of my favourite parts of the song and also in the video is when it’s time for the guitar solo, Mark Haze delivers a jaw-dropping excellent guitar solo. The song kind of breaks down at this part but then comes in with the guitar work and Mark; and it really gives that extra edge.

I must make mention of something, that before you watch the music video, there is a warning disclaimer at the beginning which states: “What you are about to see involves issues of trauma and abuse, viewer discretion is advised”. So if you are offended or triggered by things like that then watch with caution. However, I do want to say this: the matter of which the song and video speaks is such an important issue to deal with and discuss; and the fact that KAT has tackled the subject head on and dealt with it in such an inspiring way, the message to take away from this, particularly if you have gone through similar issues, is empowerment and to be inspired to believe that you are stronger than what you think.

Having said that, the concept of the video is about abuse and this storyline is brilliantly played by Courtney Merryweather and Lance Carelse. I would like to congratulate them both because they have done an awesome job.

Another favourite part of the music video is of KAT walking on a road and a wolf is literally walking next to her. A little secret I can confess to you, and I know this because I interviewed KAT and she said she had to keep a piece of meat in her hand so the wolf would actually follow her, which I thought is quite cool and bit of inside information on how that scene was shot.

The track was recorded in the studio owned by Mark Haze, who is not only a really accomplished musician, but he is also a great producer and helps record other artists. You can definitely hear his work and influences in this track. If you listen carefully there are certain sounds in the song, such as wolves howling in the background; and even his guitar playing sounds a bit like a wolf, which just proves the level of genius work he has put into the track. He should be congratulated for helping to create a masterpiece of a track.

I would like to congratulate KAT on this track and the amazing music video. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this very talented musician.

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