Single track Review Hoodoolen-Many More

Review Done By Duzzy Clayton


Every so often I am taken aback by the music I get asked to review. There are times when I am really blown away by the music out there and I have thoroughly enjoyed the job of reviewing it; but when I receive a track like ‘Many More’ from Hoodooleen, then I can honestly say I really love my job.

The track starts off with a beautiful piano sound with vocals that are performed in a very emotional yet calming way. Listening to the lyrics it is also one of those songs that instantly hit you right in the heart and bring a lump to your throat. These songs are often the best because they really resonate with our feelings. (I will be posting the lyrics of the song at the end of this review, so check it out.)

The track also has a cool music video where Hoodooleen is sitting by a fire singing the moving words. Throughout the whole video the haunting words and music adds to the emotional ambience and feeling of the song.

Hoodooleen’s voice on this track is very calm and beautiful; but as the song picks up, so does his voice and there is a part at the 4:20 mark where he hits the high note, really adding to the emotion of the song.

I can see myself listening to the song on my own in my room when I feel a bit down and need some music that understands how I am feeling.

When I asked Hoodooleen for a quote about the song and to describe what it is about, he had this to say about it: ‘’The song was composed when I was intensely listening to an Estonian composer Arvo Part and when my daughter was born, so it definitely influenced the song.’’ And I think now that we actually know the background of how and why the song was written, it makes me like it even more.

It is amazing how a piece of music can touch you in a certain way, giving you goose bumps or a lump in the throat; and that is exactly what happens with this track.

Well done to Hoodooleen on a great track! I really look forward to following this musician’s career and I’m excited to see what he releases next.

Lyrics to the song:

Many regret for not trying harder

But many more for not trying at all

“If only” was a phrase

No one ever had to taste

“If only” was enough to break

The cycle we are bound to make

“If only” had the strength

To rise up from the depth

If only I had nothing to regret

Many have laid their foundations low

For many more of those who will build the wall

As if walls could ever stop

All the love that I have saved to share with you

Many have walked across the water

While many more only stood in awe

Once the water gets to deep

It turns steps into leaps

For every wonder is a path

You shouldn’t thread upon in doubt

And every step you make

Is one less you have to take

For the distance that you wish to break

Many only wonder lies ahead

While many more have reached the end

As if the end could ever stop

All the love that I have saved to share with you


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