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Hi Simon, thank you for joining us at Fanbase Music Magazine. Can you tell us a bit about yourself; where did you grow up and where are you living now; and what got you into music?

I’m originally from South London, and grew up there. I now live in Reigate in Surrey.

From age 6 I was a massive Queen fan and watching my idol made me want to be a performer. If I could be even half of what Freddie was, then that would be a great achievement.


How are you coping with Covid-19 and lockdowns etc.; Are you and your family safe?

Doing well; we are all safe and well at this time, thankfully. Like others, I’ve learned to adapt to the new conditions set out, which don’t impact too badly on my day-to-day life.

You go by the name Uncle Greedy, which I think is not only a cool name but also very interesting. How did that name come about?

When a close friend of mine passed away, my wife and I were spending a lot of time with his son Jayden. While eating in Nando’s one day he watched my plate and said ‘you’re my Uncle Greedy’, which kind of stuck.

For people who have not heard your music yet, how would you describe your sound?

It’s been described as Folk Rock and singer/songwriter. I find it leaves people here wanting more, once the record has stopped.

Who are some of your musical influences? Would you say the music you listen to and grew up on also influences the music you listen to today?

I’ve been influenced from an early age by Queen, Bon Jovi, Springsteen; and Brian Fallon more recently. I grew up listening to The Beatles and Queen, mainly from about 6 years old. Still, to this day, they all influence me.

Can you explain how you put a song together, from the music to lyrics? Do you have a set process when you’re writing music or are no songs alike in the process of creating a song?

No songs are alike. I normally write a story in lyrics, then write music to what I think fits. Or it could be vice versa. I just let it flow and what arrives is normally my signature sound.

You have been working on an upcoming new EP; how is this EP different to anything you have released before?

I released my debut EP in 2020, which was an achievement, as I never thought of me being a songwriter. It was whatever came out of me at that time. Now I’ve created more of a theme with the new stuff, and it’s based on what is going on at this time in my life, so heavily influenced by lockdown, and valuing the time that we have.


How many tracks will be on the upcoming EP and where was it recorded?

This will be a 4 track EP; some recorded with Rueben Martin at Moonstone Productions and some with B Side Recordings at Abbey Road.


Was the recording process a slow or a quick process?

This has taken a little longer putting funds together and booking studio time. As this EP has more live instruments on it, it takes time booking musicians when they are free.


You have been under the B Side Recording umbrella with my friend Hollie involved in the recording and producing of your EP; can you tell me how it has been working with them?

As always wonderful; both Hollie and the team are brilliant and so driven to the music and looking after artists. I would always recommend them. Without her I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to record at Abbey Road.


Do you have a name for the EP yet?

‘Only The Images Remain’


When do you think the release date will be?

Hoping to be April 2022; cannot wait.


Let’s talk about playing live; do you play live and if so, what could we expect if we were to attend one of your gigs?

Yes I do play live; I love it. To me, it’s the best way to get music out there. Attending a gig of mine would be fun, very musical, and a real insight to the stories I tell.


It is rumoured you will be playing at Wimbledon Brewery London in May; at Rutsfest Wimbledon Rugby Club in June; and B Side Fest at Wimbledon Brewery in August. Can you tell us more about each gig and what we can expect?


An acoustic performance of new and previous music, as well as some well-known stripped down classics.


So you’ve got the upcoming EP, some cool gigs; what else do you have in the pipeline that we can expect and should look out for?

New single soon, hopefully in the coming weeks, and a few extra gigs throughout the year.


Thank you for doing this interview, can you give us your social media and streaming links?

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me


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