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Every now and again I come across a musician that blows my mind with their talent, and that is what has happened when it comes to the awesome, talented musician Rachelle Rhienne. Rachelle has just released her latest track called ‘Jealous’. We chat about the new track, plus her blossoming music career and what we can expect from her this year. Enjoy the read!


Hello Rachelle. Welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine; it is great to have you on this platform. Before we start, let’s get the Covid question out the way: Are you and your family safe?

I hope so! Nobody has Covid, thankfully.

Can you tell us where you grew up and what got you into music? Do you come from a musical background?

I grew up in Balloch. Musical background: – my Dad is a jazz musician – he plays woodwind and Saxophone. My Dad was in the RAF and even met the Queen! I’ve no idea where my voice came from, though one of my great-great aunts was apparently a singer!

Apart from your great voice, do you play any instruments? And if so, what do you play?

I play piano pretty good; and a little bit of acoustic guitar.

For people that don’t know your music, how would you describe your sound and influences?

I’d say it’s Pop – with elements of R&B and Soul. Musical influences: – I grew up listening to all the great divas including Christine Aguilera, Whitney Houston and, of course, the one and only Mariah Carey! Current inspirations include Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars.

What are some of the bands and musicians you grew up listening to and would you say they influence your music and the songs you write today?

They probably influence my style of singing more. Song-writing is probably a more personal style that I’ve been working on with my production team – the songs tend to come from personal experience which is hard to copy!

Do you play live; and if so, what can our readers expect from a live gig if they’ve never seen you play live before?

Yes I do. Live was all on hold due to lockdown but we’re now beginning to think about live shows and I’m about to start rehearsing with my band. Watch this space for more info!

Let’s talk about your single, ‘Jealous’, which is actually a cover; can you tell us who wrote the song and why did you choose to cover this song? What does it mean to you?

It was actually the first cover that I ever recorded in my own home studio. It was also the first track I posted online and people just seemed to respond to it. The structure of the song enables me to use my voice across a range of options which is a big part of its appeal to me as a vocalist.

Where did you record the song and how long was the process?

The track was recorded in my home town of Glasgow at Media Room and Glo Worm Recording in the summer of 2021 and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. We recorded a demo and then finalized the arrangement into what you hear on the released version. I’m also about to publish a multi-lingual version online which I hope will connect with audiences internationally.

Who all worked on the track?

I worked with musician-producers Nick Prentice and Euan Stevenson, who both play on the finished track, and engineer Iain Hutchison at Glow Worm Recording in Glasgow. They’re all fantastic.

When you are recording music or even playing live, do you have a band or session musicians; or how does that all work doing it as a solo artist?

I have a band for larger gigs and I also perform as a solo artist where it’s just me and a piano – a much more intimate set.

When you are writing music, can you tell us about the writing process – what comes first, the music or lyrics?

Music – always the music first! Chord sequences tend to come first with melodies. Ideas for lyrics tend to be story-based, so can sometimes take a little bit longer.

Will you be releasing an album soon or are you only going to be releasing singles at the moment?

 We’ll be announcing the follow-up single to Jealous shortly – watch this space! We are also currently in pre-production for songs that will feature on my debut album, which will be scheduled for release in 2023.

You work closely with Nick Media Room and Ian Johnston at iOcco Music, which is actually how I was able to set up this interview with you. I find Nick to be very professional and great at what he does. Can you tell us about your experience working with iOcco Music and Media Room and the team, and how it feels to be in such good hands for handling this side of things?

We actually met during lockdown. Ian contacted me online. Since then it’s been a really positive experience building relationships and connections. I also have a great working relationship with my song-writing team, Marina Bennet in Canada and Jonathan Ferrier in Australia – the wonder of modern technology!

Let’s talk gear: We spoke earlier about the instruments you play. Now, in a perfect world, if you ever got the opportunity to be endorsed by a musical instrument company, who would you want to be endorsed by?

Yamaha – they make great pianos – if they’re listening or reading I’m open to offers!

What make of instruments do you use at the moment?

Yamaha – always Yamaha!

Can you tell us your Social Media links and how people could get hold of you or your music?

Music is available on all the main digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. I’m pretty active on the major social channels including TikTok where you can find snippets, demos and exclusive music content.

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for your fans and our readers?

Thanks for being interested in music. I’m so looking forward to sharing new music with you soon – watch this space and expect the unexpected!


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