Rachelle Rhienne Single Review: Jealous

Review Done by Duzzy Clayton

Rachelle Rhienne Is an amazing singer and songwriter from Scotland, She has just brought out her newly released debut track ‘Jealous’, which interestingly is a cover song originally done by artist Labrinthe, Now, to take nothing away from Labrinthe and his version of the song, he is also a great artist in his own right; but if I have to choose which version of the song I like best, I would have to go with Rachelle Rhienne’s version of the song.

Not only does she have an amazing voice that allows her to show off her vocal range in the song, she just breathes new life into the song, in my opinion. The original is very emotional and you can definitely hear Labrinthe’s emotion in the song; but listening to Rachelle’s version on the track, she takes that emotion to a whole new level where you can actually feel her pain – wanting and missing the person she is singing about.

When I listen to a cover of a song, there are a few things I look out for: Did the artist pay tribute and show respect to the original artist who performed the song, YET also managed to make the song their own? In this case I can honestly say that Rachelle has ticked all the boxes. As I said earlier, taking nothing away from the original; and I think if you had to ask Rachelle about her love for Labrinthe’s music, she would clearly say that she is a huge fan; but what Rachelle has done with the song and what she has achieved vocally and emotionally just took the song onto the next level.

I did find it a bit odd that she had decided to go with a cover song for the release of her debut single to the world; and I wondered why she didn’t go with releasing one of her own songs first to showcase it. But then I got to interview her for my podcast, which can be found HERE , and it kind of made sense why she took this route: She wanted to show the world what she can do with a familiar song and get people to take notice of her before she releases her own stuff. I think that is a clever way of doing it and I can honestly say that people are taking notice. I think the real question will be: can she deliver again with one of her own songs and her songwriting? I can honestly say that I believe Rachelle can deliver 10 times over; I believe she is equally talented in her songwriting as she is with just her voice; and I really can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. Mark my words, Rachelle Rhienne has got a bright future ahead of her and I think the rest of the world should listen and take notice, because she has the potential to be the next big thing.

I would like to congratulate Rachelle on this released track and would like to encourage her to keep chasing the dream. You may just find you will be living your dreams sooner than you think.

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  1. Rachelle Rhienne is all you say and more. She is a genuinely good person, eager to share her talent with the world.

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