Interview: Colin Clyne-From Aberdeen To The World

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton


 Colin Clyne is an amazing singer/songwriter from Aberdeen in Scotland, whom I came across recently when his new track ‘Wishing Winter Away’ was sent to me by his PR agent Sherrene Wells. I knew then I just had to get to know more about him and that I had better line him up for an interview. I have already interviewed him for my podcast, which can be heard HERE; but I now got to interview him again, this time for Fanbase Music Magazine. We speak about Colin’s music career, his background and where he grew up, as well as his awesome new track ‘Wishing Winter Away’ among other cool things.

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Hi Colin, thank you for featuring in Fanbase Music Magazine. Can you tell us where you’re from, where you grew up and what got you into music?

I am currently living in Aberdeen, Scotland but grew up in a town just South of there called Stonehaven. I’d have to say my mother’s record collection is my earliest memory of music.

For people who have not heard your music yet, how would you describe your sound?

Scottish Americana; contemporary Folk spiced with Country and Blues influences seems to cover my sound.  So, in my live sets I am comfortable spinning off an upbeat folk ditty or a heartening dose of roots melancholy.

Who are some the bands and musicians you grew up listening to, or that you even listen to today, that influenced your writing of songs?

Well, with regards to my mother’s record collection: Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, The Boss, The Corries, The Furey’s all seeped into my musical consciousness. Later, I became a huge fan of U2, Oasis et al. However, overall, Dylan is my go-to guy; I don’t go a day without either reading about him; listening to his music; listening to podcasts about him; watching documentaries of him. I’m a massive fan and he’s certainly an influence/inspiration.

How many albums have you got out and could you name them?

I’ve got two albums: Doricana (2010) & The Never Ending Pageant (2014). Two EP’s; Songs from the Cold Store (2007) & Doon Tae the Wid (2012). Also, more recently I’ve released some singles Where The Ships Go To Die (2020), You Can’t Wish a Good Guy Away (2020), Within Hindsight (2021) & finally Wishing Winter Away (2022).

Let’s talk about your new song ‘Wishing Winter Away’ can you tell us what that song is about?

One of the hardest things to do these days is to celebrate the small victories in life. Disease, war, poverty, corruption, death, injustice and all their trimmings rightly dominate our TV, our radio and of course our social media. At times it feels like the only thing to do is to wish these dark times away; to wish away the winter of our existence, if you will. The lockdown winter felt like the longest winter I have known. It seemed to be longer, darker, and colder than I recall of any previous winter. I simply wanted long warm days with loved ones in the summer. I came to the realisation I was focusing on the negatives and missing the small victories, missing the moments of beauty. With that in mind, I wondered how many of these I had missed throughout my life wishing dark days away, wishing winter away, sometimes it feels like half our life…”

Where was it recorded?

Floortom studios in Mintlaw (small village North of Aberdeen).

Who else worked on the track? When you’re recording or even playing live, do you use session musicians or do you have a band of your own?

I used a couple of players on this track: American piano player Dave Curtis, Dave has worked on a lot of my recordings as far back as my Doricana album in 2010; we’ve also welcomed Scottish fiddle player Paul Anderson onboard; and Steve Curtis (Producer at Floortom) has added some bass also.

How have you grown with this track since your other recordings?

Despite having done this for quite a while now, I constantly look to learn, grow, improve and connect.

What is the longest time you have sat on a song until you were happy to release it?

I’ve got two songs on my ‘long list’ of what’s next that are maybe 10 years old. Will they make the cut? Who knows; maybe one day.

What can we expect from your live shows for those who have never seen you perform live before?

One man, one guitar, one harmonica, some songs, some stories, some laughs, some tears and hopefully some memories.

You have some live shows coming up: 29th and 30th April – MONTROSE Johner Jam 2-day Festival; 14th May ABERDEEN Krakatoa. Could you tell me what to expect at these gigs and also how can people get tickets?

Make sure to check where all the latest info can be found at My Website (Hyperlink)

What instruments do you play?

Guitar, harmonica, ukulele, a smattering of piano and the mighty teacup.

If you could be endorsed by any instrument company, which would it be?

Hohner Harmonica and Martin Guitars.

Apart from music, what other pastimes do you have?

Massive boxing fan and a completely blinded follower of the magnificent Aberdeen Football Club. 😉

What is the greatest song ever written in your opinion?

Don’t Leave Me This Way……every version is brilliant!

If you could collaborate with any other musician, who would it be and why?

Would love to write with / for Liam Gallagher.

Thank you for doing this interview, Could you give us your social media links?

All can be found on my website

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