Single Track Review: Robyn Ferguson Featuring Kat Goss -Purgatory

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton


If you have not heard of Robyn Ferguson and her work, then you’re in for a treat; and if you have heard of her then you know what a great musician she is. I am happy to say that she is back with a new track called Purgatory. This track is a bit different compared to her other solo work because her previous work has been instrumentals; but this track now actually has vocals, which now allows me to introduce you to another awesome musician who goes by the name of Kat Goss and who is on vocals on this track.

Upon first listen to the track, I find Purgatory to be quite dark, but in a good way. It starts off with a second or two of heavy guitar, I say a second or two because it is literally that length of heaviness, making you think it’s going to be a heavy song; but then very cleverly a softer, chilled out but dark piano sound takes over the song. As the piano plays, some cool metal screaming growls emerge, which are then again submerged back into the piano sound.

This song really draws you into different emotions. When the verse actually begins there are some clean vocals again reflecting dark eerie lyrics. One lyric in particular to note is ‘Silence is my only Crime’.

Although this song is quite short and the lyrics are also brief, I think the track does say a lot and is packed with a journey that takes you along a series of emotions.

I think this song would be best to listen to when you’re feeling a bit down and you need a song that understands you. I believe this song would also be cool to listen to on a playlist with all of Robyn’s other Solo EPs.

I often say this when I’m speaking about Robyn Ferguson but I will say it again: Robyn is one of the hardest working musicians in the industry and I always look forward to what she is going to come out with next. If you are already a Robyn Ferguson fan then, like I said earlier, you’re in for a treat and this is a great track to add to your playlist collection. If you’re not familiar with Robyn Ferguson’s music then do sit back and enjoy this track. I seriously suggest you get hold of her other solo instrumental EPs so that you can see just how versatile and talented she is.

I would also like to give a shout out to Kat Goss, whom I was not familiar with before listening to this song; but I feel she has done a great job with the vocals and I think all listeners should check out her other past work because she is clearly talented.



Do you see her there?
Blood soaking in her perfect hair
Wrap my eyes
My silence is my own demise
Silence is my only crime
I’ll do my time

In a world of high expectations and great possibilities, it becomes difficult to remember that there is freedom in art. The world around us continues to turn, regardless of our successes and our downfalls. To be able to truly experience the freedom of art does not come easy…it first requires you to experience being bound by the expectations of others, the constant pressure to “keep up”… the artist’s purgatory.

The lyrics to Purgatory touch on the scary truth of a world too afraid to speak up. When those who are doing wrong are allowed to do so freely, then we all will continue to live through purgatory, disguised as the normal. The horrifying reality of the world is easily disguised as a carnival. Those who remain on the carousel will forever be in a loop, and those who disembark will find their way through the rides until eventually, there is silence.

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