Album Review: Poundshop Parka-An Air Balloon Over Tooting Broadway

Review Done By Duzzy Clayton

Poundshop Parka is band fast becoming a popular name amongst the pop culture, hailing from the United Kingdom, the band is a laid back electric duo made up of Pete Devaney and Tom Jenkins. Pete masterminds the song writing and composition as a talented multi-instrumentalist, while Tom brings the beat in the percussion.

Poundshop Parka have just released their debut album called “An Air Balloon Over Tooting Broadway”, everything about this album is amazing from start to finish.  I have it on repeat constantly and I have to admit I find myself singing the songs in the shower.

Made up of ten awesome tracks,  If I was to compare Poundshop Parka sound to another band or musician, I would say, picture Jack Johnson and The Beatles had a baby and produced this band, same influences and some laid back acoustic sounds but just a bit edgier, kind of like a popular teen at a party, everybody is impressed by and everyone wants to hang out with.  Having said that, just because I compared them to Jack Johnson and The Beatles, this band do have their own sound and I would say, with just a few borrowed influences here and there, but definitely have what it takes to create their own sound and mark on the music scene.

Like I mentioned earlier, everything about this album is perfect but I am blown away by the vocals and song writing of each song. I can picture myself listening to this album while on a road trip with my favourite friends, the songs are strong and catchy enough to sing out loud or just as good as background music during a celebration with family and friends.  The music and composition of each song is awesome.  The drums and percussions accompany each song with just the right balance, complimenting each other during the song.

Although the whole album is full of great songs, but the one that stands out for me has to be, Managing Director, Room, Syd, T.Rex, Air Balloon and of course the great Beatles cover song, Long and Winding Road, which I feel is a great way to end the album.

Something very impressive of this album, which I should mention, is some of the songs were recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios namely: AM, Room, T.Rex , Long and Winding Road, and the rest of the album  were recorded at B-Side Recording studios.  Although Abbey Road studios are known for its legendary quality and equipment, that definitely lends to the overall quality of this album but it has to be said that the rest of the album, recorded at B-Side Recording Studios is just as good.  If I didn’t have some inside information on which song was recorded where, I would not have been able to tell it apart, which just shows how great the whole album is.

The album was produced by Hollie Beadell and her team from B-Side Recording studios. I would like to congratulate Poundshop Parka and everyone from B-Side Recording Studios who worked on this album. The result is in the songs and everyone can be very proud of the end product.  I see big things happening for Poundshop Parka and I cannot wait to see what comes up next.


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