EP Review: Meel Vignetting– The Journey


I have recently come across a great new band by the name of Meel Vignetting. The band currently consists of Meel Vignetting – Vocals and Guitar, Rohan Mostert – Guitar, Reino Stols – Drums, Johan Van Zadelhoff – Bass and Wesley Ward – Guitar

Although these band members are the current permanent line up, when this EP was recorded it was meant to be a solo project of vocalist Meel and the musicians who worked on the EP are as follows: Meel Vignetting on guitar and vocals, Kyle Ludwick on bass, Fritz Gun on lead guitar and Reino Stols on drums.

This 5 track EP is called The Journey. Now first of all, upon first listen of this great piece of work, I immediately am taken on a journey as I listen to one song to the next. So, to name the EP “The Journey” really is a great choice as it does exactly that, takes you on a journey as you listen to it.

It is hard to choose specific tracks as my favourite because the whole EP is a masterpiece but If I was to choose specific tracks to check out, I would choose ‘Empty Forever’, St Mary’s, and ‘Follow the Moon’.

There is also an impressive music video for the track called Follow The Moon which can be seen on YouTube or right here on the Fanbase Music Magazine website home page, as it is the music video of the week.

Without comparing them to other bands or musicians because they definitely have their own sound, but I can really hear elements and influences of bands such as The Cranberries and Evanescence.

I can picture myself listening to this EP as I am driving in a car on my own alone with my thoughts, when I just need to get away and be alone in deep thought.

This band has really got something special, from the lyrics to the vocals to the music, I can’t fault anything on this EP.  If I was to say something specific, I would say that an EP of 5 tracks isn’t enough and I can’t wait and hope the band think of releasing a full-length album in the future because I can sit back and listen to their music all day.

Well done to Meel Vignetting on a really great EP and I cannot wait to see the what the future holds for this band.  I predict big things are still to come.  So my advice to the readers will be, watch this space, watch this band, they are destined for big things.



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