Album Review: Infanteria- Patriarch

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Ladies and Gentleman, awesome South African Thrash Metal band Infanteria have released a new album called Patriarch, after 7 long years the band are back and trust me, fans of this band won’t be disappointed.

A few weeks before the album release, the band released a first single of the album called Embrace The Trauma,  and with this first taster with that single released we knew this album was going to be something special, and boy it did not disappoint.

From start to finish of this album the band take you on an ‘In your face’ thrash metal journey with heavy hard hitting drums and guitar crunching chords.

This is Infanteria at its best but I must make mention, with anyone who is a die-hard fan of the band, will pick up on the slight new direction of sound the band has taken with this album compared to what they have released before, but it still has that signature sound of the band we all have come love. I can honestly say this is the band’s best work yet and I am so excited for what the band has produced.

You can definitely hear the influences of bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Exodus etc creep into the songs but what I do love about this band is they have their own sound and honestly feel the band have become their own big entity and ‘brand’.  I’m sure with new upcoming bands, that they will more than likely list Infanteria as one of their influences or writers, as myself, will soon be comparing new band sounds as that of Infanteria.  Deservedly so, as they are making a name for themselves in the music industry.

I can picture myself putting this album on in the car after a hard day at work and rock out and forget about the day’s problems and frustrations.

I would like to congratulate all at Infanteria who worked on the album, you have definitely come out with your best work yet and I look forward for what comes next from this band.

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  1. YEAH! “Patriarch” is indeed a FANtastic heavy metal album! Even though there are quite a few new metal albums this year, both released and soon to be released… I have a good feeling this album will remain my #1 for this year: 2022!
    \m/, (-,-) .\m/
    GilbyStrident & RSA Rock ‘n’ Metal Fans

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