One Of Finland’s Finest Bands, Talks Covering ‘Summer Is Crazy’ Single, Story Of The Band And The Meaning Behind GHS



GHS is a band from Finland that was formed in 2012 and its combination of Hard Rock music and 90s Punk is set to make GHS have a major impact all over the world. The band is set to release a new single titled ‘Summer is Crazy’, which is actually a cover from Alexia, and it is said to be released on 24th June 2022.

We caught up with the band to talk about the new single among other cool things

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Hi guys, welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine. Before we get to know your band a bit better, how are you doing with Covid; is the band and have your families been safe?

Hi, Duzzy and thanks, super nice to be here! Covid has been a huge pain in the **s, but what can you do about it? Luckily, we’ve been safe and our families as well. It’s nice to see places re-opening again. That means more gigs again after two long years.

Did you do the whole online-streaming-gigs thing that seemed to take off while we were on lockdown and not being permitted to do venue gigs?

We played just one of them. Not a big fan of streamed shows, but of course it’s better than nothing.

How long have you been going as a band?

GHS was formed in 2012, so that means ten years already.

Can you tell us a bit about each band member and what each member does in the band?

Val speaking here: I’m the singer of the band and basically I try to catch the audience and sing well. Otherwise, I usually write lyrics for our songs and, of course, figure out the vocal melodies. I’m the only member who’s been on board from the very beginning of GHS.

Perttukoira: works as a lead guitarist and as a background vocalist. He naturally records all the guitars and composes a lot; and he is absolutely over-energetic. But yeah, actually, all of our members do contribute towards the composing task, so that’s one of the main strengths of the band.

J.J. is our drummer: He’s a big guy – like drummers usually are. He also brings lot of great ideas for the producing sessions as Epa does as well.

Epa is our bassist and kind of an old school Punk Rock dude. Epa works as another background vocalist when we play live.

What is the story behind the band name GHS, what does it stand for and how did it come about?

In the beginning, our name was Groupie High School, which means GHS is an abbreviation of it. I found the original name annoying enough, haha.

For readers who don’t know the genre of your band yet, how would you describe your sound?

Our roots are in Hard Rock, Street Rock and 90’s Punk. When you grab those and combine it with modern Nordic studio sounds, you’ll probably get the idea!

What are some of the bands and influences that some of the band members have?

I would list The Offspring, The Cult, Smack and Nights of Iguana for starters.

You are from Finland and Finnish-speaking, yet you sing in English, which I think is amazing. How do you find singing in a language that isn’t your mother tongue; is it a difficult process?

Not at all. In Finland, we start to learn English as soon as we hit Elementary School. I think most people in Nordic Countries speak fluent English. I also find the lyric-writing process easier in English than it would turn out to be in Finnish.

Ok, let’s talk about the new track, ‘Summer is Crazy’, can you tell us what the song is about?

The new song is actually a cover from Alexia’s Summer Is Crazy. We made a rock version of it. This is the first cover we’ve ever recorded.

Where was it recorded?

It was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Joel Lindfors at Lindfors Productions Studio in Espoo, Finland.

Who all worked on the track?

All our band members worked on the track but also Joel Lindfors, who brought tons of ideas and played the keyboard parts, for instance.

How is it different to what you have released before?

I would say the main difference is the fact that this is our best recording so far. Not because it’s a cover song but because of the atmosphere in the studio. This is the third time we’ve done something with Joel and he’s become kind of our fifth member during studio sessions.

Do you have any new music in the pipeline we could expect?

We always have something coming up, haha. Perttukoira has already started making new demos and we have dozens of songs we haven’t recorded yet, even though we’ve played some of them live many times. So yeah – we try to keep ourselves busy, which means we’re probably recording something before 2023, I guess.

When you are writing music, can you explain the process; do you write the lyrics first and build a song around that, or do you come up with the instrumentals’ music first?

I have lots of ideas in writing but it usually needs a song around it. That means someone brings the instrumental version to our rehearsal house and I start to dig my lyrics through. Usually there’s something ready which matches the atmosphere of a new composition. Then I just edit the lyrics to match perfectly and figure out the vocal melodies. Everybody does their own instrument parts, but of course, we have discussions about them amongst ourselves to find the best solutions.

Can you explain a typical band room practice to us?

We usually arrive 45 minutes later than the time we had decided on to start playing, haha. Then we eat, drink a couple of beers and play something like 100 minutes together. Then we chat a bit and that’s it. Until the next time.

For readers who haven’t seen you play live yet, can you explain what a GHS gig is like?

Well, you definitely have to come see us live, if you haven’t already. We bring a lot of energy and chaos around us. I’m sure NO ONE leaves without having worked up a sweat from our live show.

You have been working under The Devographic music media, PR, events & artist management; how has this experience been working with Devo?

We’ve been absolutely stoked to work with Devo. They’ve done everything perfectly so far and we’re looking forward to work with them in the future. Nothing but respect!

Can you give us your social media details please?

 Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers and your fans?

Thanks for the interview, this was fun. We want to thank our fans and all the readers here. You’re the reason we’re doing this. Have a super crazy Summer and the rest of the year 2022. See you around!


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