Gig Review- Three of Swords Tour, When Sons Of Shem and Saturn Return visited Johannesburg


Reviewed by Barry Viljoen

Sons Of Shem photography by: Samantha Theron

Saturn Return Photography by: Sam J Theron and Maxine Butcher 

Fanbase Music Magazine have been quite involved in promoting and following the Son’s of Shem and Saturn Return’s tour of Gauteng. So, we thought we better get down to one of their gigs while they were here in Gauteng.  We managed to catch up with them at their last show on Friday night at Rumours Lounge in Strydom Park.

The tour was the band’s first outing to Gauteng, seeing three shows cramped into three days. The bands took to the stage at Rumours West Gate and at the iconic Railways Café in Irene. Nerve Zero; HellHollow; Tenacious 3; Jungle of Mischief; 3’s and 7’s and DrumFish were the bands supporting on this short tour.


Touring as an independent band is often tricky, as it is self-funded and you’re not completely sure what your turnouts will be with booked events, also you normally have to get a few shows in, in a short space of time to hopefully break even. For a few bands they might actually make a small profit but the real purpose these exercises is to get your music heard by new audiences. For this reason, it is great to see when bands going through all the effort of touring get a decent turnout. Friday night was one such night, including all the other nights of the tour.

In that regard, not only did people get to hear their music, but they also got to hear bands which they might not have got to see or hear if this tour did not take place. Relationships were built and information was shared about the live music scene in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Hopefully we will see the bands back this side soon and perhaps we will see some of the other bands heading off to Durban.

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