Oceans Of Angels- Talks About New Single, working With Matthew Fink And Playing In London

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton


Oceans of Angels was a project started by Sheldon Horvatic at the beginning of Covid 19 and Lockdowns. Since then Oceans of Angels has gone from strength to strength; the band’s first single has enjoyed chart-topping success in South Africa, UK and Australia to mention a few.

Oceans of Angels has just released their second single called ‘Still on Fire”. We catch up with Sheldon to talk about the new single among other cool things.

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Hi Oceans of Angels, welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine! Before we get to know your band a bit better, how are you doing with Covid? Has the band and your families been safe?

Hi Duzzy, thank you so much for this great opportunity; it is an honour to be here. We are all safe, thank you for asking and I hope you and your family are safe too.

Did you do the whole online-streaming-gigs thing that seemed to take off while we were on lockdown and were not permitted to do venue gigs?

I enjoyed watching many of the streamed gigs; but I had only started writing for the Oceans of Angels project just before the lockdown started; and when the lockdown kicked in, I had a lot more time to write and record from home, though I didn’t release anything during the lockdown and I didn’t gig during the lockdown.

How long have you been going as a band?

I started Oceans of Angels in March 2022; I had been writing for a few years before that, but that is when I decided to release music.

Can you tell us a bit about band members you have; and what each member does in the band?

At this point, I (Sheldon Horvatic) am the only member of the band; but I have had discussions with a few musicians who are keen to join the project. So, in the next month or so we will be gigging, which is very exciting. I record all the instruments on a demo and then I go to the amazing Matthew Fink who turns the music into something I never realised it could be and he plays piano and synths on the tracks. I also ask musicians to play on the track if I feel that I don’t do a specific instrument justice: On ‘Shattered Soldier’, a good friend of mine named Tristan Wilson played bass; and he would have been the second member of the band had he not moved to Hong Kong just before the debut single was released!

What is the story behind the band name Oceans of Angels; how did it come about?

I worked on ships for 2 years just before Covid and in that time I started writing lyrics for songs. All I had with me was a guitar. I loved being at sea and that is where the “Oceans” part came from. As for “Angels”, I just love the idea of angels.

For readers who don’t know the genre of your band yet, how would you describe your sound?

I would say the music falls under Indie Pop Alternative Rock but I am really not sure, every time I write another song I get a little confused.

What are some of the bands you follow and how do they influence your music?

My favourite bands are Biffy Clyro, Seether and Asking Alexandria at the moment. I am also really enjoying Whiskey Myers whom I find to be different to the others; but I really love all different bands and genres.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Ok, let’s talk about the new single called ‘Still on Fire’; can you tell us what the song is about?

The song is basically about being so desperate for a love that you lose yourself in it. The first line is “Who the hell has been feeding my demons” which screams internal struggles but the song leads to “Tell me we’re still on fire”, calling for love from a partner. It’s just the internal struggles of external love I guess is the easiest way to put it.

Where was the single recorded, and who worked on the album?

I recorded the track at home and then got it to Matthew Fink who added piano and synths and mixed and mastered the track.

Matthew Fink is very well known in the music industry. Just how cool was it to have him work on the album; and what else did he bring to the album?

It was absolutely amazing and mind blowing working with Matthew! The first time that I went to him with my music I was nervous because of how great and well known he is in the industry; and when he gave me the thumbs up, I was comfortable with releasing music. He hears things before they are there if you know what I mean. He is great; he brings songs to life and definitely made mine sound a lot better than I anticipated.

How does the track differ compared to what you have brought out before?

This track starts with a synth which is new to me and it also features a piano in parts which I really like. It has that “big chorus” sound which is one of my favourite things in music and it’s also the first time I am releasing a song that I recorded at home.

Your previous track ‘Shattered Soldier’ has done very well on the charts mainly in South Africa, UK and Australia. How does it feel that your music is getting heard all over the world?

It is amazing that ‘Shattered Soldier’ has done so well! I honestly never expected it to and I am very grateful to the awesome people who featured the track on their shows; and everyone who has listened to it. It took a lot of hard work getting it out and the person who worked the hardest on that was David Devo Oosthuizen; so a huge thank you to him.

You recently got to play a gig in London, UK; how was that whole experience and how does the UK audience compare to South African Audience?

I was lucky enough to get invited to play in London which was a huge honour on the back of my first release. The audience there was so amazing and welcoming and it was such a great experience. It was great that ‘Shattered Soldier’ did well in the UK and I am honoured to have had the opportunity. I have not yet gigged with Oceans of Angels in South Africa but that is coming soon. I have played for other bands in South Africa and I know that there is no audience like a South African audience! We are the best crowds ever.

Do you have any new music in the pipeline we could expect?

Yes definitely! On the 24th of June ‘Still on Fire’ will be released and there are more tracks that are ready for release, so that will be happening in the near future too.

When you are writing music, can you explain the process; do you write the lyrics first and build a song around that or do you come up with the instrumentals’ music first?

I usually write lyrics throughout the day then write a melody with acoustic guitar; but I have also got instrumentals that I have recorded that I don’t have lyrics for yet; so a bit of both. I don’t really follow a formula because I don’t know one. I just do whatever comes to me when it comes to me.

For readers that haven’t seen you play live yet, can you explain what an Oceans of Angels gig is like?

An Oceans of Angels gig will be a rock show with a full band with a lot of energy and passion put into it. It’s all for the music and I just want everyone to have a good time.

You are currently working under The Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Umbrella; what has your experience been working with Devo?

It has been fantastic! Devo is basically a member of the band and nothing goes without Devo knowing about it. Devo is a person who really cares about the artists that he works with and he makes it possible to do things that you wouldn’t usually be able to do without a record deal. I love working with Devo and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.

Can you give us your social media details please?

Facebook – @OceansofAngelsmusic

Instagram – @oceansofangels_music

Twitter – @oceansofangelz

YouTube – Oceans of Angels

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last message for our readers and your fans?

Thank you for this opportunity Duzzy and thank you for having me. A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this and listen to Oceans of Angels. Every person who streams or shares the music makes a huge difference and that’s what keeps us going; so thank you and I hope to see everybody at a show soon! 🙂



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