GHS Summer is crazy review

Reviewed By Duzzy Clayton

I must say I am very excited about the bands coming out of Finland, namely Bom Lulu, Psycho Season, Deadglow and maybe the more well-known band Nightwish, but a new band has just come onto my radar from Finland and they go by the name of GHS which stands for Groupie ‘High School’ in the band’s early existence.

GHS have just released their new single Summer is Crazy, which just happens to be a cover song originally done by Alexia. To be totally honest with you, I was not familiar with the original and GHS’ version of the song was the first time I heard the track and after listening to the original, take nothing away from the original, I kind of like GHS version better (sorry Alexia fans).

GHS has taken a somewhat dance track and managed to make it into a rock song, with screaming guitars and drums. Although staying true to the original as much as they can, the band have managed to make the song rockier and heavier.

One thing to make mention also, is the original is sung by a female and GHS is obviously fronted by a male, namely Val Skantsi, but it is not even the sex of the vocalalist that makes a difference and like I said earlier, takes nothing away from Alexia, but what GHS has managed to do with the song, turning it into a full-blown rock song just makes it that much better.

Everything about the track is awesome, from the vocals to the music and I was very impressed by the guitars and bass on the track, played by Perttukoira and Epa.

It is also worth mentioning that the awesome drummer for GHS is also part of the band Deadglow, who I mentioned earlier from Finland.  Worth checking out Deadglow.

I must say I have put the new track by GHS on my shuffle playlist and have been listening to the track non-stop and I really think this band has the potential to go all the way to the top.   Really worth a listen.

I would like to congratulate the band on this awesome cover.  They really made the song their own and, in my opinion, made the song so much better.

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