Winterstand- These Days

Reviewed By Duzzy Clayton


The Awesome Pop Punk band Winterstand have just released their New 3 track EP called, These Days. Before I get into the actual music and songs of the EP, I would like to make mention of the great artwork of the EP which can be seen at the top of this review. That is what grabbed me right away before I even heard a single song by this band or this EP. I was impressed by the cool art design of the EP. I feel that is so important for an EP or an album, even if it is online and not a physical CD, I still think detail and great artwork really does help people to take notice.

Now let’s talk about the actual songs themselves. Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t heard this band before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised, especially with track 1 called, Life. It kind of gave me an early Greenday mixed with Bowling for soup kind of a feel.  A good start as I am a big fan of those bands or should I rather say I’m a big fan of the Pop Punk genre and Winterstand has it all and we only, on track one.

Moving on to Track 2 called, These days, which also happens to be the title track of this EP, I was kind of surprised the track was a lot slower and calmer, almost like a ballad. Every EP and album needs one of those, right? I can also honestly see that song doing well on commercial and internet radio stations around the world.

Then, moving on to the 3rd and final track called, I’ll be around, we move back into harder, faster and a tad bit heavier, with crunchy sounding guitars and drums. A bit different to what we heard on track 2 but still great because the EP still flows from heavy to mellow to heavy again. Starting the EP and ending the EP with in-your-face kind of sounds, but just a bit mellow in the middle to even it out.

My only criticism I would have of this EP is (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) I kind of wished the EP was just a bit longer because, as I mentioned, it’s only 3 tracks, which, in the bands defence, is standard for so early on in a band’s career EP release, but having said that, this just made me hungrier to see what the band does next and hopefully there will be a full album in the future, because this band has it all, great sound, great vocals, great lyrics, now all we need to do is wait and see what the band’s next move is in terms of new music.

Well done Winterstand, from not knowing your band or music at all, I am now a fan and I really enjoy your sound.

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