KAT- Talks about new her single called Halloween, photoshoots and music videos

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Hot on the heels of her last single,’ Wolves’, Kat is now back with her new single ‘Halloween’ produced by Mark Haze, I caught up with Kat to talk to her about the new single, photoshoots, music video amongst other cool things.

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Hi Kat, welcome back to Fanbase Music Magazine! Last time we spoke you were releasing your track and music video ‘Wolves’. How do you feel that release went? I still find myself watching the music video to that track.

Oh, that’s awesome that you still watch it! I am really proud of what we achieved with the release of ‘Wolves’; and it was a great learning experience too. We definitely took everything we learnt during that experience and applied it to this new release.

You are about to release your next track, called ‘Halloween’. Can you tell us how this track came about? The title ‘Halloween’ gives it away a bit. Can you give us some insight into your lyrics and explain what the meaning is behind the track?

The song came to me in a dream. I woke up and heard the main chorus line. I quickly sang it into my phone and went back to sleep … The song is called ‘Halloween’ but it’s more about longing for something that you might not ever attain. It’s about a state of mind we can sometimes become stuck in. Sometimes you fantasise about a future happiness, and you forget to live in the current moment. Which, at the time can be cosy and get you through tough emotions; but it’s not necessarily sustainable? That’s the mindset of the song.

I believe Mark Haze also worked on this track; can you tell me what he was able to bring to the table?

Through his choices of instrumentation and effects, Mark was able to bring the track to another level. He added even more emotion yet kept these subtle nuances of the eeriness of Halloween.

What was recording process like with this track?

I came to Mark with the lyrics and my little Guitarlele and assumed the song wouldn’t go much further than that. Mark suggested we move the song to piano and that was absolutely the right choice. It definitely took us the longest of the songs that we worked on during that time. We kept trying to add things to the song but then we realised…simplicity is what the song needed.

Listening to this, the track seems a bit more laid back and slower, showing a softer side to you compared to the fierceness of ‘Wolves’. Is this something you were trying to accomplish with the track?

The song came about organically; I didn’t pre-decide anything regarding the writing of the song. However, choosing to release it after ‘Wolves’ was a very intentional decision. I am a multi-genre artist, so I wanted to show a totally different side to me. ‘Wolves’ is there to give people a sense of empowerment. This song is more for you to relate to when you are feeling down and need some comfort.

You will also be releasing a music video to go with the track; what can you tell us about the concept of the video? Where was the music video shot? Who all worked on this music video?

Josh Heldsinger is the creative director I work with regarding anything to do with my music. I had a few shots in my head that I told Josh had to be in the video; he took that and built the rest of the concept around that. Without giving too much away the concept of the video is a kind of love story but with a twist. It’s about experiencing extreme love and extreme loss and how scary it can be to open our hearts to people.

What I like when you release a new track, is that you do a whole new photo shoot that sometimes goes with the theme of the song of the music video. What can you tell us about this photo shoot; how does it fit in with this song?

That makes me so happy that you noticed that! That again is a very intentional choice. My team at this point know that I’m a very thematic person and once a theme is decided we run with it! For the Pre-Save Campaign it was based on the idea that after everything a woman has gone through, she writes the song. That’s why we have the sheet music and such floating around. However, the shoot for the release was very strategically planned. We have a whole prequel to the music video and even more after that in the lead-up to the release. We really wanted to give you a campaign that you can get interested in and connect with.

What can we expect musically for the future now that you have released ‘Halloween’?

You can expect my ‘Halloween’ tour! I am really excited about this. I will be going on tour in September.

Do you have any upcoming gigs or shows that we should look out for?

The 21st of July is my release party and I’m putting on one hell of a show for this! It’s one you do not want to miss!

Thank you for doing this interview. Do you have any last messages for our readers and your fans?

Be kind, and never let them take you alive!


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