The Cranberry Merchants- Radioactive 

The world’s favourite Indie duo band “The Cranberry Merchants” are back with their new single, Radioactive. Every time the band releases a new single, I always seem to say this is their best work yet, and once again, I’m forced to say the same thing because the band’s new track, Radioactive, is simply awesome. The Cranberry Merchants just seem to go from strength to strength with every new release.

The song starts off with a kind of siren sound, then flows into a storm and heavy wind, kind of a sound really setting the tone for what is coming next. I just love the intro of the actual song, which kind of gives you an 80’s kind of a feel to the song with a retro guitar and synth kind of a sound.

When it comes to Cranberry Merchants songs, the band sometimes share vocals between Dianne and Steve Moore or one or the other taking on more of the lead vocals. For this particular track, the vocals are done by Dianne, which seems to be happening a lot with the band’s releases of late. When I think about earlier releases such as ‘In the blood’ with Dianne on vocals, I take nothing away from the earlier releases because they are great and it’s what got me into the band in the first place, but Radioactive really also showcases how far Dianne has come with her vocal and range.

What I really like about this band is, they are not afraid to experiment, which is quite a good thing seeing the band do most of their own recordings.  They obviously know what they are doing because everything sounds so good and professional, especially with the different sounds fading in and out at different parts of the song. You would swear they got in some big shot producer or recorded at Abbey Road Studios, but in this case the band have done it all on their own, which is amazing.

Music Video

The band have also invested in new equipment like lighting, which brings me to the great Radioactive Music Video.

The track has a really impressive music video.  It really has that radioactive feel to it which is fitting for the song title.  It starts off with the siren and then changes over to Dianne Moore with sunglasses on, but in the frame of the glasses you can see really bright colours, which I thought was such a great idea to do, capturing a radioactive image.

Steve Moore’s part in the video is also very impressive but somewhat creepy with what he is wearing, a green lit-up suit and a white mask. It then cuts off to Steve and Dianne playing their instruments but still with great visuals. I don’t want to give the whole video away because you have to go see it yourself (You can see the video below or check it out on YouTube, don’t forget to give it a like and comment and subscribe to the channel) If this is the band’s latest work, then you would want to be notified when they release any new music videos.  The effort and talent this band puts into their videos is outstanding.

Amazing what The Cranberry Merchants have achieved with this music video and the kind of visuals they managed to achieve.

If you follow the band’s Facebook page, you will see they have been posting things called, how did they do that or behind the scenes footage, which is really interesting as it explains certain parts of the video and how they achieved those visuals.

I would like to congratulate The Cranberry Merchants on a really great masterpiece, not only a great new song but a really great music video.  Watch this band, the work and effort they put into their craft is really something worth witnessing.

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A physical attraction
Starts the chain reaction
He get pretty toxic
But damn if he don’t rock it
To my satisfaction
Radioactive, Radioactive
He gonna go ballistic
All out hedonistic
Once I start the countdown
Bracing for the meltdown
Downright masochistic
Radioactive, Radioactive
Ooooooh shock!
Mass is getting critical
Fallout could be mythical
We overload the core
He’s still wanting more
Disaster will be Biblical
Radioactive, Radioactive
What’s my fascination
With annihilation
Just the taste of his lips
Triggers the apocalypse
Pure infatuation
Radioactive, Radioactive
He’s so Radioactive
He’s so Radioactive
He’s so Radioactive

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