Album Review: The Ardents- Come On

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven’t heard of this band yet then you are in for a treat, and if you have heard of them, then you will agree when I say The Ardents are such a cool fun-loving band with great talent.

Hailing from the UK, The Ardents are, in my opinion, one of the best things to come out of the United Kingdom, musically. The band have such a feel good sound. With soulful voices and funky music and lyrics, if you don’t find yourself feeling a little happier after listening to this band, then I’m not sure what else will work for you. This band just has it all; style, talent, great vocals and great music.

So, having said that, I am excited to announce the band have a new album coming out, called ‘Come On’. Everything I mentioned earlier rings true in this album and then some.

I can’t really fault anything about the album because it is one of those albums you can listen to start to finish and not feel you have to skip any of the tracks, which I think when an album can captivate you so much, then the band is on to something good.

If I was to pick my favourite tracks on the album, I would choose, So Come On, Won’t Fall Down, Call Your name, Temo and Hold Me Up (Don’t let me go). While I am mentioning my favourite tracks, I want to give Call your Name another mention, because the song starts off with some cool drums and a great piece of guitar solo at the beginning of the song.

I can picture myself listening to this song when I feel like dancing while doing some house work or even when I’m feeling a bit low and need an instant good mood upper.

I want to congratulate The Ardents on a great new album, and to the readers who are reading this, keep a close eye on this band. Go check out their social media and music because you might just be witnessing the best thing ever in music.

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