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One of the most awesome musicians is out with a new track. She goes by the name of KAT and hot off the heals of her previous track called Wolves.  Kat is now back with her new single, namely Halloween.

Like her last track, this new track was also produced by the legendary Mark Haze, who seems to be not just a great singer and songwriter but also a great producer as well. Kat’s last track, Wolves, was a pretty in your face woman empowerment kind of a track, but her latest single Halloween lends itself to be a much softer side to KAT and, dare I say more of a ballad compared to previous work, really showcases the talent and diversity of Kat.

Halloween, in my opinion, is a really beautiful track where Kat’s voice sounds sweet and amazing. Kat’s voice range in this track is really great and in some parts, especially in the chorus, it kind of brings a lump in her throat as she sings it with such emotion, that you can really feel what she is feeling and singing.

The song itself is about longing for something that you might not ever attain, but keeping hope and going anyway.  I think we can all relate to something like that within our own lives.

When I got to interview Kat for both Fanbase Music Magazine and my Podcast (both links can be found below), Kat spoke about that one night she woke from a dream and kind of had the melody of this track in her head, so she quickly got her phone and sang it into a voice note, where this then became the beginning stages of this unique track.

KAT has also been recorded saying she originally wanted guitar on the track, but when she took it to her producer, Mark Haze, he suggested putting it on piano and this proved to be a great suggestion, because what we are left with now, is that the end product is nothing short of amazing and a beautiful song that I suspect will be doing very well on charts and radio stations all around the world.

If I was to compare KAT and this track to another musician out there, I think if you are fans of Lana Del Rey & Lorde or even Mariah Carey, then I have a feeling you are going to love this track.

I can picture myself listening to this track if I’m feeling a bit low and down and need to build a playlist to suit my mood, then this song will defo be on that playlist, but having said that, the song is not meant to make you feel sad or only to be listened to when you sad but it will help put into perspective what you feeling, and once you just connect with the song and also realize the talent of KAT then you will probably find yourself looking up and googling anything you can from this awesome musician.  That is exactly what I found myself doing.

I would like to congratulate KAT on a very beautiful track and I look forward to what the future brings because not only is she talented and obviously due for success in her future, but she is also hungry for it and not scared to fight for it.  Watch out for this musician. She is set to be the next big thing.


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