Black Rose Sweden- Talks To US about All Things About The Band Plus New Album


BLACK ROSE is a melodic hard rock/metal band from Sweden.
The bands style of music has been consistent, even through all different music-trends that has come and gone.

The trademark sound of Black Rose, built on recognizable distinctive riffs, melodic/catchy and powerful choruses, are even more prominent on this release. The album covers a wide range of songs, from fast, hard driving songs to mid-paced and heavier songs.
Early 2020 the band signed up with LYNETTE CRAIG BAND MANAGEMENT & PROMOTIONS to manage the band. A video for song “The fall” has been been shot by Mats Vassfjord (220 Volt, Grand
Design etc.). It will be released with an accompanying digital single this summer.
Mats also produced two videos from the previous album “A light in the dark”; “ Hear the
call ” and “ Sands of time ”. The band has performed on the International Music scene, completing a Baltic Tour,
covering countries like Latvia and Lithuania in the summer of 2019. They have also been support act to bands like FATE, THE POODLES, MIKE TRAMP, PAIN OF SALVATION, NOCTURNAL RITES and SOUL SIGN (Yngwie-members).

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Hi guys, welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, can you tell us who is in the band and what each band member does in the band?

Jakob “Jacke”  Sandberg – Vocals

Anders Haga – Bass

Peter Haga – Drums

Martin Hall – Guitar (on our upcoming gigs)

Our former guitar player Thomas Berg recently left the band for personal reasons.

Can you tell us where your band is situated and also how is the music scene over there?

We are a Swedish hardrock/melodic metal band.

There’s lots of metal bands in different genres based in Sweden e.g. Europe, Ghost, Sabaton, In Flames… and so on.

Can you tell us how the band name came about?

It’s a cool name and it’s actually not “stolen” from the Thin Lizzy album.

Can you tell us how you would describe your sound and genre?

We’d categorize our sound as hardrock/melodic metal, built on recognizable distinctive riffs, melodic/catchy and powerful choruses.

Who are some of the band member’s influences?

Here’s a few of them, both individuals and bands:

Dio, Accept, Devin Townsend, Firewind, Tommy Aldridge, Mr. Big, John Norum, KISS, Jonas Reingold, Ozzy, Yngwie and so on…

How long has the band been in existence?

Since the early 90’s.

Let’s talk about the new album now, first of all, what is the name of the album and how did you come to that album title?

The album’s called “Game of souls” which also is the name of a song and it fits good with the artwork.

How many tracks are on the album?

There’s ten songs on the album.

Where was the album recorded and who else worked on the album?

Bass, drums and guitars are recorded in Studio 54 and the vocals in Studio Cave.

The album is mixed and mastered by Johan Gren at Studio Sensus.

All artwork is once again done by Morgan Elswyse.

How has this album differed compared to what you have released in the past?

The album is a bit more diverse and more complex than before.

Also the sound is a bit different from the previous releases, a bit rawer and heavier.

When you are writing music, can you explain the writing process when you putting together a song?

We all come with ideas for songs which we work on together and sometimes a band member comes in with a finished song.

Who are some of the notable bands you have got to share the stage with?

Kee Marcello, Nocturnal Rites, Soul Sign (Björn Englen, Mark Boals) Pain of salvation, The Poodles, Jakob Samuel, 220 Volt etc.

You have unfortunately recently lost a guitar player, can you tell us more about that and also how is the search going for a new guitar player?

The guitar player left for personal reasons and we have a new guitarist, Martin Hall, for our

upcoming gigs. Martin has played a couple of songs with the band before as a “guest”.

He has just released a solo album “Stranger in the light” featuring John Levèn (Europe) , Nalle Påhlsson (Therion, Treat), Apollo (Firewind), Johan Kullberg (Hammerfall, Wolf).

Can you tell us what the future holds for the band and what we should look out for?

To write, record and release a new album plus make more videos from “Game of souls”.

To do as many gigs as possible, which our manager Lynette Craig is working on.

All this will happen as soon as we get a permanent guitarist.

For people who haven’t seen you play live yet, can you explain a Black Rose Sweden Gig?                       

Great music and a very energetic good show.

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for your fans and our readers?

Thanks a lot for your support and please check out the links below 🙂

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