Scanner-Open the gates

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton


One of my favourite bands at the moment have just released their new album, namely Scanner- Open The Gates.

Open The Gates is the band’s 7th studio album to date in the band’s existence. Having been around since 1979, the band have built quite a career and now, in my opinion, they have released some of their best work.

The album is made up of 7-8 songs. I say 7-8 songs because one of the tracks,” It’s a War’, is actually a double shot of the same song but done as a cover by Finland musician Jukka Ruottinen who is better known as, a part of bands such as Psycho Season, Deadglow and Bom Lulu to name a few. Although Jukka’s version of the song is towards the end of the album, I thought this would be a great place to start with my review of this album, because not only does Jukka do a great job on the cover and gives the track a whole new meaning and direction, in the same mp3 of the file  of the track, once you have listened to Jukka’s version you then get to hear Scanner’s original version of same track, and both versions of the song is great, and I think it is awesome Scanner decided to include Jukka’s version on the album.

(Above Pic Of Jukka Ruottinen)

Open The Gates is a great album from start to finish, filled with influences and genre sounds of Punk, Metal, Hard Rock and even a bit of grunge. In fact, I think if you listen to this album or any of Scanner’s music, you are going to get something out of it because there are so many elements of different styles in their music, and this defiantly comes in this album.

Joe Brady’s voice on the album is really great on this album, and he really gets his points across with the lyrics and vocals of each track.

I can’t fault anything about this album. The music and instruments   are all recorded and mixed perfectly with Junnie Fortney on guitar and Ray Hawkins on drums and, of course, Joe Brady on Vocals and Bass Guitar. I think it is evident from a band that has been going for a long time and are in a perfect groove of a sound, that they are now able to come together and produce a great album such as this.

All of the tracks are great on the album, but tracks that really stand out for me are Devilock Woman, I don’t Care, Witches Moon 2, It’s A War (Both versions) and a song I have had on repeat at the moment called Monster, which I think is a fitting way to end the album.

Die Hard Fans of Scanner or readers of my work would remember I did a review of the track Witches Moon and the track itself appears on this album but under the name Witches Moon2, which has been slightly reworked and mixed and a guitar solo added to the track, which I think is a great twist.

If I was to picture myself listening to this album, I could picture myself listening to it while I’m doing my work, which is in fact what I have been doing this week, or if I am getting ready for a night out and I need a playlist to help me get amped for the night.

I would like to congratulate Scanner on such a great album. It truly is a great in your face album and I can only think that the album is going to be great all around the world on radio stations both FM and on the Internet.


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