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Talks To about His Background, Music Career And New Single ‘Where Will You Go’

Interview by Duzzy Clayton


Jacques was born in Bloemfontein, Free State into a very musical family. Music fast took over his life as he joined various bands and choirs. He started writing his own music, English and Afrikaans early on and after 17 years of addiction, hospitals, rehabs and absolute chaos, he decided to share his music with the World … authentically written and telling his story. If he can touch only one person, only one soul with his music, then he has succeeded in his goal. “I don’t sing for me … I sing for us” – JJH

On Friday 5 August 2022, Jacques J Hollywood released a new single “Where Will You Go” on online platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iTunes, Deezer and many more. “This song is very close to my heart as it was something I started writing in my first rehab. The chorus came much later and was focused on being relatable and a melody that sticks with you during the day. The feeling and idea behind it is that you do not have the ability or right to blame others for where you find yourself in life. Our choices are our own, as mine was my own in the journey I went on personally … the good ones and the bad ones. The closing line of the chorus states that “The road you are walking on is the one that makes you cry”, meaning that we can make changes when we are unhappy with the road we are on. Once the pain of staying the same becomes more than the fear of change, it happens naturally. My wish is that everyone who hears this song will be brave

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Hi Jacques, welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, can you tell us where you from and what got you into music?

I am a Bloemfontein Boy. Raised in the Free State in a very musical family. I was exposed to classical music first and played the Cello and Piano as my first instruments.  With my mom being a music teacher, my brother and I could read music before words. I am very blessed as the classical and musicals I was exposed to at a young age, was a great foundation for my songs and chord progressions today.

Can you tell us your genre and how would you describe your sound?

I wouldn’t want to label my music but it stems down to commercial hard rock to acoustic ballad type styles

What are some of the bands you grew up on and even listen to today?

A lot of classical music, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart and then musicals by Tim Rice and Lloyd Webber like cats, Joseph and Phantom. And a lot of King’s singers.  I still listen to all of this today with my Dream Theatre, Rob Zombie and Megadeth

Do you find the music you are influenced by determines the kind of music you writing today?


How did you come up with your name Hollywood, what is the story behind that?

For me it is a self-fulling prophecy almost that I am aiming for. The ultimate goal is to reach the stars in Hollywood with international recognition so That’s why I put Hollywood in my name.

Being a solo musician, do you work with session musicians or do you have your own band that you record and play live with?

I work with sessions at the moment Like Mauritz Lotz, Vinnie Henrico and Dennis Lallouette but my own original band is being recruited over the next few months.

Ok let’s talk about the new single called Where will you go, what is the song about?

This is a song I started writing in rehab when I realized that all human beings are responsible for the road of life we choose to travel. Like Zeppelin said – There’s still time to change the road you are on. “Where will you go” speaks directly to this topic and if the road you are on is making you cry, it’s time for change. If you abandon your standards quicker than you can lower them, it’s time to go – Robin Williams

Where was the track recorded and who worked on it?

Recorded and produced by Theo v Rensburg with Vocals done at Chris vd Walt.

You have been working on other new singles as well, what can you tell us in the pipeline in terms of music?

The next single should be out mid Sept 2022 – It’s a full on hard rock song about breaking out with someone special next to you. Taking the leap. Cutting the cord.

Can you tell us your writing process, how do you put a song together?

It is a very freeing process. But sometimes the music comes first and sometimes the lyrics so it happens from time to time in different ways

Can you tell us what a live experience is like, what can we expect if we were to attend one of your shows?

My main approach is that I respect my audience and put as much energy into any performance as I can muster. But I am just ever grateful if the audience responds well. As I don’t sing for me, I sing for all of them, I sing for us.

At the end of the show, what is your hope that the audience walks away after attending your show?

That they were respected and that I loved and enjoyed the show with them, with them as a feature as well.

Where can we expect to see you play in the near future?

Bosvelder, Centurion 9 September

Fokof Bar, Pretoria 10 September

Sunset Bistro, Muldersdrift 11 September

I am in Dullstroom at least once a month.

Keep an eye on my social media for all my upcoming gigs.

Can you tell us a funny on the road or on the stage story?

I once had a random jam develop in one of my gigs, and the guitarist smashed a guitar on stage and the drummer jumped onto a drum kit cutting a 3 cm gash on his nose. THAT WAS ROCK N ROLL but rough, Ah man so many stories. Let’s do an interview on it Duzzy

Can you give us your social media links?

Jacques J Hollywood on FB and Instagram, and all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers and your fans?

You can’t change the world, but you can change someone’s world.

All the Best JJH

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