Vaughn Prangley Destination Unknown 

Recently, I published a review of a track released by Vaughn Prangley which featured a song called ‘Road Trip’. Today I am reviewing the full album named ‘Destination Unknown’ on which that song appears along with 9 other great tracks on the album.

There is an interesting connection between the name of the first released single, ‘Road Trip’, where it appears on the album as track 8, and the album’s title, ‘Destination Unknown’. That is the feeling I got when listening to this album of beautifully converging songs expanding on the single’s road trip theme, telling its story throughout the album. I love albums like that because it takes you on a journey you want to follow and you really don’t want to skip to any specific tracks.

The album starts off with a beautiful track called ‘Rise and Fall’, which is a rather slow yet emotional track; and it is a great track for opening an album with to show off Vaughn’s vocal range and song writing; although this talent is to be found throughout the album.

This album is a well put-together, beautifully arranged, well-written piece of music. I did mention earlier that this album is best to listen to from start to finish; but if I had to pick specific tracks, ‘Fallen King’, ‘Passing Seconds’, ‘Borders and White Lies’ are all great tracks to check out. Furthermore, in my opinion sometimes an album has a quite a few tracks on one album that become hits and I can definitely see that this applies to a number of tracks on this album. I predict a few top 10 singles and great radio airplay internationally regarding the strong tracks on the album.

The album is produced by the awesome Howie Combrink, who himself is a great musician and now a producer as well. He has done such a great job on this album in producing it.

The album ‘Destination Unknown’ has already proved itself since its release as it was nominated for a SAMA Nomination for ‘Best Produced Album Of The Year’. The song ‘Avalanche To The Sea’ also earned Vaughn another finalist spot in the 2022 edition of the US Unsigned Only Music Competition. Vaughn furthermore took top honours in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for the song ‘Passing Seconds’, earning him a coveted win out of a staggering 21,000 entries. The track also held charting positions on the Mix FM South African Top 40 and 5fm Indie Chart.

So, with an excellent start like this, I can only imagine what the future holds for this great album and I look forward to seeing it jump from strength to strength.

I have said this once and I will say it again, Vaughn Prangley is only 18 years old and he is already achieving great things with this album. If he can already write great albums like ‘Destination Unknown’, then the future looks bright for him. I, for one, am rooting for him and I am excited about the next years to come with musicians like Vaughn paving the way.


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