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As you may know, US Punk Rock Band, Scanner, has just released a new album called ‘Open The Gates’ If you haven’t checked out the album yet, then you need to check it out soon because it is a great album.

However, we are not here to talk about the whole album; instead we’re here to tell you about a special single that appears on the album; and more importantly, a music video for this particular single. The single’s name is ‘Rattlesnake’ and it is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album.

The music video for ‘Rattlesnake’ is everything you could hope for and would expect from Scanner. If you’re a long-time fan of the band like I am you might not be surprised by the theme that they followed, yet you would certainly be impressed by the awesome video. Filmed in black and white, the music video is of the band playing in what seems to be the studio, with camera angles cutting from band member to band member; which not only gives you insight into what the band looks like when they’re jamming together, it also is quite cool to see each band member individually rocking out. This is especially apt for Joe Brady with his different facial expressions and looking directly into camera as he sings and plays his bass.


Everything about Rattlesnake screams good old, old school Punk; and like I said, fans who have followed the band for some time would not only like the track but would also love the music video which has a typical Scanner kind of vibe to it.

I would suggest that you listen to the lyrics of this song and when Joe starts to sing ‘Snake’s Eyes Locked in’ take a look at that part of the music video, because the camera angle changes and Joe is looking straight into the camera. He really gives you that snake-eye effect which is fitting for the song and the name of the song ‘Rattlesnake’.

Joe Brady is joined by Scanner’s long-time guitarist, Junnie Fortney; and on drums for this video and track and also the album, is Ray Hawkins; all of whom make a cool appearance in the video.

I think what most fans of Scanner will take away from the whole experience is: being up close and personal with the band jamming; seeing how they play their instruments and just rocking out; it is really cool to watch and the fact that the song is an awesome track too is also very cool.

I would like to congratulate the band on a great track, great album and now a great music video. It truly is fantastic to see the band rocking out and having fun on ‘Rattlesnake’!

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Rattlesnake Lyrics

Coiled in the pit for a steel line tension strike
Rattle of a tail, warning of a poisonous bite!
Watch where you step and keep a wary eye –
For the Rattlesnake!Snake burning gaze, looking to paralyze
A serpent’s hiss and a fire in its eyes!
Crawl out of its skin and the shadow of the night  –
Of the Rattlesnake!

Castanet music and a twisted dance of death
Frozen in time and not a shallow breath
Snake eyes locked and ready to take you out –
It’s the Rattlesnake!

Twist… Dance… Strike…
Hiss… Spit… Bite…
Watch where you step and keep a wary eye –
for the Rattlesnake!

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