From under the sheets to out in the streets of Skekelmbos

Review By Duzzy Clayton

On the 19th of October Exclusive Books Rosebank played host to the latest offering from Eva Mazza, “Sex, Lies & Alibis.” This is the third instalment in the happenings behind the closed doors of Stellenbosch’s elite. This instalment promises not to disappoint with it’s fair share of scandal, deceit and little comic relief. All of which, is sure to have you turning the pages at an incomprehensible rate.

While Eskom didn’t disappoint, keeping meticulously to their schedule, and loadshedding just before the start of the event. This had little impact on the spirits of those who were in attendance, and perhaps only added to the pulpable excitement, of both the launch and a new offering in a best-selling series, from a debut author. Especially considering that she had previously stated that there wasn’t to have been a third instalment. A night that never was to be, but then was.

South African author, script writer and academic, Pamela Powers was our host, for an interview which very much felt like two old friends becoming reacquainted, to which we were privy. This helped for those of us less acquainted with Eva. We got a little bit of insight about her background, having obtained an arts degree from Wits and later a teaching qualification from Trinity College in London, to how she met her husband while working as a waitress in her home city of Johannesburg, before relocating to Stellenbosch. Which has been her home for the last 22 years.

From here we were given insights into what got her to start writing about the less publicized aspects of the famous town, in the winelands of the Western Cape. We were introduced to some of the characters, and got to know who were her favorites and a little about her relationship with them. Which has developed during the writing process of the three books.

Perhaps indicative of being a victim of her own success, there were already questions about the possibility of a fourth instalment in the series. Also, we were told that there were discussions with Netflix. Perhaps the discreet, or not so discreet happenings of Stellenbosch will not just be coming to the screens of South Africa, but the world.

All books in the series are available at Exclusive Books, so you best get hold of a copy to see how the next instalments of happenings in the less than sleepy town in the winelands unfolds.


If you haven’t read the first two books yet, I’d recommend them! If you can’t find it at your favourite book store, Take A Lot has them in stock:
Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch (Book 1)
Sex, Lies Declassified (Book 2)

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