Industrial goth metal band Chaos Doctrine are back with an amazing new single, namely Martyr. It has been six long months since the band has released something new, but I can honestly say regular and new fans are in for a treat with the band’s latest release.

It’s a bit of a softer, less “heavy” track compared to what the band has released in the past, but the song still lends a breath of fresh air for the listening ear, and I do believe Chaos Doctrine have released a masterpiece of a track.
Speaking of a calmer sound, even the vocals of lead vocalist Dr. D. are clean (in most parts) and less growling than what we are used to, but like I said earlier, it is still a great track, and it just shows off just how versatile this band can be.
Everything about Martyr screams greatness, and I am left thinking to myself that this band must have been in the game for a long time and they definitely know what they are doing because they are not afraid to push boundaries and try different things without alienating loyal fans.
While listening to the song’s intro, you can’t help but imagine yourself in medieval times, walking through a graveyard amongst an old church; the intro is beautiful and calm, and truly is a great piece of music, even if it is just the intro; but this is just the start of what is to come, and then, with a hard hit of a drum and guitars, a symphonic of music hits your ears and touches all the pleasure nerves,
The vocals then take the track to a whole new level and direction, like you are going on a journey through the song and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
One thing that stands out for me is the guitar solo in the middle of the song, which ties in so well with what is happening in the track. Each note was obviously thought of, and it really adds to the emotion of the song.
My good friend and owner of RSA Rock n’ Metal Fans, Gilby Fiuza, who just so happens to be a huge Chaos Doctrine fan, had the following to say about the new single: “This may not be the heaviest track from Chaos Doctrine in terms of style, but in terms of the story and maturity, it’s very heavy! It’s a fantastic variation from the usual sound of Chaos Doctrine, and I do hope Dr. D incorporates some more “clean vocals” into future music! I love the eerie melodies and sounds of this track—it really fits the song so well! I feel and hear a little bit of ANTHRAX’s “Blood Eagle Wings,” which is another great song and story too!”
“This song is so intense,” Gilby writes on a WhatsApp message to me, and I think that pretty much sums it up: an intense emotional and pleasantly surprising journey of a crazy train ride.

Normally, I would end the review there because I believe I have said everything I wanted to say about the Martyr (Clement V Mix), but wait, Clement V Mix? You mean there might just be another mix of the same song done differently? You bet there is, and that is what makes this release so special. Just when you think you have been taken on one ride, they hit you with a different mix, that paves the way for a whole new set of emotions.
Upon first listen of the “Jeanne D’Arc Mix,” you will be forgiven for thinking this is just the exact same song. What is the difference compared to the Clement V mix? Then it hits you: the awesome, eerie sounds of a female vocalist appear on the track and mix, once again breathing in a breath of fresh air that takes the song to a whole new level. Female vocals sung by the awesomely talented Laura Cayser, better known as Capgras Delusion’s frontwoman Blanque, are a talent I am definitely going to look out for and research more about her and her band’s music.
So on conclusion, I would like to congratulate Chaos Doctrine on not only one, but two great releases. I, along with other fans, are very proud of what you have released, and we can’t wait to see what comes next from the band’s camp because we know it is going to be awesome.

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Explicit Lyrics

How many times can I stare into the abyss that is too real?

How many times can i give myself in a world that doesn’t feel?

For years I’ve tried to change their ways with a crown that isn’t mine

Battled the darkness to free their souls, for a truth that’s hard to find

I, can’t help but wonder is God testing me

Why, with my last breath is he not saving me


Fucking twist of fate

How can my holy life end me in


Now it is too late

This realisation breaking me and

Now I relive every scene from my wasted life

Cheered on by the ungrateful that burned me alive


As I drown in hate

What God would end this hallowed life in


What was the point of my sacrifice for this undeserving race?

The flames took my flesh as I became ash on your stake that wore my face

I battled the darkness to free your souls from your damning ignorance

Yet you made me the beast to be loathed and killed, should have let you drown in sin

Now I relive every scene from my wasted life

Cheered on by the ungrateful that burned me alive

There’s nowhere to go but darkness

When you drowned in the light

I, can’t help but wonder is God testing me

Why, with my last breath is he not saving me?

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