Once again The Cranberry Merchants have done it again, I feel whenever I do a review of a new track from the band I say the same thing, but honestly, The Cranberry Merchants continue to push boundaries, and once again the band has come out with not only my new favorite Cranberry Merchants track but also my favorite track out at the moment.
Walkabout, the new single from Cranberry Merchants is like nothing the band has done before, every time the band releases something new, they seem to try something new or do something different compared to what they have done in the past and that is what the band have done with this new single
Cranberry Merchants are made up of a duo couple Dianne and Steve Moore, and in the past, the band has either shared vocals on certain tracks, or either Steve or Dianne will sing the lead on certain songs, but for this particular track Steve Moore has taken the lead vocals on the track Dianne Opting to sing backing and harmonies vocals for the track which works out very well for this song
When the song starts, it sounds first of all like some scary opening to a horror film, with scary noises and wolves howling, something similar to the opening of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but not long after that the song takes a turn, and then it sounds like some kind of  Mongolian folk track where they use a kind of an instrument used similar from a band who go by the name of The Hu, (if you haven’t checked out that band then please do check them out also and you will see what I mean) but then just as you get used to that part of the intro then Dianne comes in with some cool drum beat, and I am thinking to myself, this is just a few seconds into the intro and the song has already taken you on so many journeys all before Steve has had a chance to utter any vocals. I am already into this track and they have me hooked just in the intro. The guitar then comes in and is quite catchy drawing me even more into the song making away for Steve’s awesome vocals that just seem to fit the song perfectly 
Dianne Moore says about the track: “Our song, ‘Walkabout’ is a homage to the Australian ritual of taking a spiritual journey to find yourself, connect with nature, and prove yourself as a rite of passage into the world around you. But in this case, we apply it to the everyday person as a modern vision quest to simply clear one’s head by taking a walk.”
Everything about this song just oozes greatness and everything the band does whether it be the awesome different instruments sounds, Steve’s awesome vocals, or Dianne’s great backing vocals just all make up for an amazing track and song
The Cranberry Merchants are not afraid to experiment and often the experiment comes out with a great track and also different from what the band has released before, but this often makes it hard to pigeonhole the band’s sound because, if you need pop, the band have got a song for that, if you want rock, then the band have a song for that, I’m sure the band has even experimented with some dance sounds and incorporated it into a song and this to me sums up The Cranberry Merchants to me, A great band, with many talents and no two songs, are the same and they always striving to better themselves and their sound, and for this reason, I will always be excited when the band have come out with a new song because like for ‘Walkabout’ and every song to come out of The Cranberry Merchants camp before that, you never know what you going to get but you know it is going to be top class and amazing
I would like to congratulate The Cranberry Merchants on their best song yet and I cannot wait to see what the band comes out with next, Walkabout is an awesome track and I think it is going to be hard to top this track
Listen to The Cranberry Merchants on The Anything Goes Podcast talking about the new single Walkabout HERE
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Need me a vision, need me a quest
Find some direction, put me to the test
Head in the clouds, mind in a fog
To sort it all out I go for a walk

The call of the wild gives me a push
To waken my soul, I’m off to the bush
I may succumb, to hunger and thirst
Enduring the land, while she does her worst

Just me and my boots, a wing and a prayer
Spirits of voodoo thick in the air
Dust in my eyes, heat on my back
I set out on this epic trek

Walk!  Walk!  Get it all worked out on a walkabout!  Walk!


Uluru calling, it showed me the path
Once you’ve been there, you’ll always be back
Voice of the ancients sang me their song
Soothing my soul as I traveled along

Stalked by a dingo, or was it a ghost?
He danced by the fire, then went up in smoke
Mystic and danger at every turn
Kept me treading fast through the dirt

The more I marched, the more came clear
The dreams I take with me out of here
Will always help me find myself
And always lead me home

Walk!  Walk!  Get it all worked out on a walkabout!  Walk!


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