Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys share the title track from upcoming album Heaving and announces vinyl pre-sales


(Photographer – Lena Nerinckx)


Ambient art-pop ensemble Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys create music that is full of atmosphere and intensity. Based in Berlin, the band is led by South African born artist Lucy Kruger. Today sees the release of their new single and title track from upcoming album Heaving, out on the 7th April 2023 via Unique Records.

The title track for the album, heaving – a word that recurs throughout the 10 songs – carries with it both the effort and inevitability involved in the process, and in the themes, Kruger was exploring.  A crowded room of sweating bodies heaves; there is the heaving of her chest; the strata heaves with the faulting of a rock; the way she heaves a sigh of relief. It is a visceral and physical experience.

“I wanted this album to be less ethereal somehow. Rooted in the depths, of my body, of my lover’s body, of the earth, where it is dark and wet, and where you might find rot, but you will also certainly find life. To somehow get pulled into the moment, through a focus on sensation. A lot of the lyrics deal with touch, smell, taste. The body, and all it holds, imagined intimately, almost as landscape, but also for what it is. And for what will happen to it in time. A reckoning with death and loss that might allow for a more vibrant understanding and engagement with life.” Explains Lucy.


(Photographer – Lena Nerinckx)

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The new album is a vivid, visceral, and unbounded exploration of sonic storytelling. Relying on the idea articulated by poet and essayist Anne Carson that “every sound we make is a bit of autobiography. It has a totally private interior, yet its trajectory is public. A piece of inside projected to the outside”, Kruger dove into the composition process through performance, rather than with the pen. The album offered the artist, and hopes to offer the audience, a coming home to the body through a physical relationship to sound.

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