DJ Cosher teams up with Idols SA winner Berry on his brilliant rendition of ‘House of the Rising Sun’

 Watch the Music Video for ‘House of the Rising Sun’ HERE

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DJ Cosher had a stellar 2022 with the incredible success of singles ‘Sound of Silence’ and ‘Love Is All We Need’. He launches into 2023 with his rendition of ‘House of the Rising Sun’ which features Idols SA winner, Berry and is out today across all streaming platforms.

Mostly known for his dance cover reworks, DJ Cosher selected ‘House of the Rising Sun’ a few years ago and began production even before his 2022 hit ‘Sound of Silence’. DJ Cosher explains, saying “It’s one of the first songs I learnt to play on guitar as a child and performed it many times as a young musician. This specific project has been through many vocalists as I searched for the perfect voice and suitable featuring artist. After meeting Berry and trying her out on the vocals, I found what I was looking for. The song not only requires a specific feel and delivery, but also a vast vocal range and performance, which Berry got spot on.”

DJ Cosher continues, saying “This opportunity was unique as the original author of ‘House of the Rising Sun’ is unknown, which allowed me to put my own arrangement twist on this public domain folk song. There is of course a well-known version done by ‘The Animals’ but I hope people enjoy my new take on this great song.”

The release of the single is accompanied by the release of the music video.

Watch the music video for ‘House of the Rising Sun’ HERE

Considering the roots of the song being in a story of arrested development in the deep South with historians actually tracking the song back to the Irish folk tradition, which itself is steeped in struggle and delinquency brought to the US by immigrants, the tone of the video needed to be gritty and rebellious, but have a modern tone in line with the production.

“This made us go for a video set in a tattoo parlour with glimpses and cutaways of projected footage of myself,” explains DJ Cosher.

When asking ChatGPT if this is a good idea, the app responded with the following: “Yes, setting the music video in a tattoo studio could be an interesting and unique way to interpret the classic song ‘House of the Rising Sun’. You could incorporate imagery of tattoos and the tattooing process, and perhaps have the main character getting a tattoo that represents their experience at the ‘House of the Rising Sun’. You could also use the tattoo studio as a metaphor for the dangerous and alluring nature of the ‘House of the Rising Sun’. This could be a visually striking setting that would be different from the typical music videos in the EDM genre.”


DJ Cosher is a Cape Town-based DJ, Producer and owner of Cosher Recording Studios.
He has gained fame with his dance cover reworks of iconic songs such as Dancing in the Moonlight, Special Star, Kiss me and Zombie, with his most recent of these “Sound of Silence featuring Liam Burger” which saw incredible local and worldwide success on Spotify (with over 730,000 streams) and Apple music charts, high rotation radio play, and reached Number 1 on the KFM Top 40, staying there for an all-time record of 9 consecutive weeks.

DJ Cosher has enjoyed similar success with his original music releases, such as Just Come Home, Sail away, Love this feeling, Clutch, and many others.   Most recently he and Jimmy Nevis had success with the original track “Love is all we need” which at its peak, was one of the TOP 4 most played local tracks on Radio.


Cape Town-based Berry spent almost five years trying to break into the mainstream music market, when she finally realized that 2021 was her last year to enter Idols South Africa, due to the cut-off age. So, she sent in her audition tape and the rest is Idols SA history. After winning Idols, Berry was signed to the record label Kalawa Jazmee and released her debut single, Ungowami, a mid-tempo ballad which showcases her versatility in vernac. Berry also then released her EP, Unspoken Words, which consisted of six tracks, with three of them written and produced by her husband.

She returns in 2023 as she collaborates with DJ Cosher on his brilliant rendition of ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

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