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In late 2022 Punkfontein started with the concept and planned to ask Meel to collaborate after playing a show together. Surprisingly, without mentioning anything yet, Meel reached out to Punkfontein asking to collaborate. The stars quickly aligned, and within a week they started work. The process went smoothly, with everyone knowing what they had to do. After several iterations, they scheduled a session at KVD Studios in Randfontein where Stevie Bester worked as the Recording Engineer. It was then sent to Byron Muller from Audio Nebula for mixing and Westenhaus for mastering.

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Hi guys and welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, I am really excited about the new release and collaboration. Can you tell us how Punkfontein decided to record a song with Meel Vignetting?

We are really excited to get to share it with everyone!

We were discussing our options for our next song, and we thought a colab could be cool as we have not done it before. Meel came to mind as we’ve been playing some shows with her and just hit it off from the start! The flow of the process was even better. We jumped onto it and sent this funny sounding midi track, and it just grew into what we recorded in the studio!

Meel, how does it feel to be recording with the band?

Pretty surreal LOL! I’m a huge Punkfontein fan and it’s such an honour working with such talented bunch of dudes. The entire process was so much fun and super professional. Don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with musicians that are as on the ball as these guys.

Let’s talk about the new track, what is the new track called and what is it about?

Gareth wrote the initial music for this song about 3 years ago, and was sitting on the idea, waiting for the right moment. This song came straight to mind when the opportunity to collaborate materialised. We decided to name the song “The Leviathan” It came from a part written by Meel. It just felt right as the song was about battling some everyday monsters.
Where was it recorded and who else worked on the track?We recorded at our home base at KVD Studios in Randfontein, where Steve Bester joined us on the day as the Recording engineer. It was then mixed and mastered by Byron Muller. Afterwards it was sent to Gareth.

What was the recording process like?

After some battles in the studio with the drums, the rest of the recording process was smooth! It was a pleasure working together during the process, the idea was thrown out, and it transformed into quite a monster.

I hear there will also be a video coming out, what is the theme behind the video and where was it shot?

This is still a work in progress and will be released shortly after the single release.

When is the new track expected to be released?

The Leviathan will be available on all music streaming platforms including Bandcamp on 3 March 2023

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Can you tell us about the interesting cover artwork?

We pay homage with their cover artwork to the legendary ‘Tragic Kingdom’ from No Doubt. We initially wanted a visualisation of a Leviathan for our cover art but felt it might be a bit harsh. Being huge fans of Blink 182 and No Doubt, we were initially planning a tribute show during our recording process, then decided to pay homage with our cover art to the classic and timeless album ‘Tragic Kingdom’ from No Doubt. We all have such a positive and fond connection to this album from a time when music like this sculpted us!

Can both Punkfontein’s band members and also Meel, give us a brief background of where you grew up and what got you into music?

Hugene – I grew up in Randfontein with the guys, and my bad decisions in friends led me to music.


Meel – I grew up in Pretoria… I was born this way LOL


Gareth – The whole Punkfontein grew up in Randfontein. A mixture of learning guitar from family and music on MTV, when MTV still had music.

Meel, you are obviously a part of the band Meel Vignetting, what is the latest in the MV camp, is there new music on the horizon we can look forward to?

We recently had some interesting changes in band members and are working on a multitude of new songs… will also be recording with Stevie pretty soon, so watch this space.

Punkfontein, One of my favourite tracks of yours is called ‘Hi, I’m freaking out’, can you tell us how that song came about?

Gareth sent us the idea, we thought he was being weird, then we worked on it a bit and saw it could be a pretty powerful song. Then we decided to record it. It’s reaching a point in our live set that really excites me when we get to it!

Thank you for doing this interview. Can you give me all of your social media links?

All Streaming Links HERE


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