Pete Devaney from Poundshop Parka Talks to us About New Live Album Namely Rak Studios

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton 


Pete Devaney from Poundshop Parka recently went into the studio to record a LIVE album alongside Darcy Winter namely Live At Rac Studios, and what was to become from these recordings was an amazing piece of music, Out of 12 songs Darcy Collaborated on 4 of those tracks and out of the album it self, it includes 2 new original songs and 4 covers (Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd).  

Live At Rac Studios is expected to be released 10th March 2023, I caught up with Pete ahead of the release to talk about the new album among other cool things

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Hi Pete, welcome back to Fanbase Music Magazine, can you give us a reminder of your background and where you are from? 

 Many thanks for having me again! I’m from Milton Keynes originally. I’ve been living and working in London for the last 6 years and have just recently left the big smoke to get my own gaff in Northampton, although I’m still down in London a lot.

How long has the band been going? 

 The band has been going for about a year! We released our debut album last summer which you kindly reviewed for us 

Who else is in the band, what does everyone play in the band? 

 This new release is an acoustic live-album so it features just me (Pete) by myself this time on vocals/piano/guitar. However the lovely/wonderful Darcy Winter has collaborated on 4 tracks.

Can you tell us the story behind the band name Poundshop Parka? 

I am a big fan of the artist Tame Impala which is of course masterminded by Kevin Parker, and the name “Poundshop Parka” was supposed to be a pun on his name. However the more I thought about the phrase it made me think of a coat which you might find in a charity shop which was a bit worn/sturdy/unloved but a good reliable coat if you could find it, and something about that image was pleasing and just stuck.

Let’s talk about the new album, what can you tell us about it, I see it is named Live at Rak Studios? 

 Yes we recorded all of the songs during a 5 hour session at RAK studios. It was amazing to be in such a famous space! (The Arctic Monkeys were in recording the week before…). Two of the songs are new releases, they are “Heath” (the lead single), and “Reeds”.

How many songs are on the album? 

 12 songs in total, including 2 new original songs and 4 covers (Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd).

It features Darcy Winter, please can you give us her background and how it was working with her? 

 I met Darcy about year ago when I was living in London, initially because I was planning on being a pianist for her live shows. We stayed in touch as we’ve both trying to start our musical careers at the same time, and when the opportunity at RAK came up I thought Darcy would be a great addition.

Who all worked on the album? 

As we did this album “live” as much as possible so it was fairly easy: record it in the room and some basic mixing.

When is the album expected to be released? 

 10th March

When you write music, do you do the music or the lyrics first? 

 I write music first and lyrics come afterwards, however I recently developed them both at the same time on a new song which is a new experience for me (and maybe shows that I am improving!). I had the hook for the chorus, came up with the lyric for it, and then that lyric sparked the rest of the song to finish it quickly.

You are under the B Side Recording Umbrella, please tell us how it is working with them? 

 This is my second LP release with B-Side Recording and we’ve had a great relationship so far. Producer Hollie has been instrumental in getting the confidence to purse my creative ideas.

Thank you for doing this interview, can you give us your social media Links 

Insta – poundshopparkamusic

Facebook – poundshopparkamusic





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