Jackson Colt- Speaks To Us About His New Single ‘Strangers’ And Working With Dale Schnettler From Prime Circle Fame

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton


Jackson Colt is the essence of 80’s Rock reimagined. Catchy chorus hooks, melodic riffs, and shredding solos echo through from the Golden Era of the Guitar. Raised on “Old School Rock”, Jackson combines a retro-retake with a modern fresh sound that booms through the ages for all target markets.

​Vocalist & Guitarist Jackson Colt shares that “The story of ‘Strangers’ revolves around the idea of the ‘Twin Flames’, two souls who are destined to be together and spend their lives searching for each other without knowing. A story of two broken people who find love. The lady is represented by a Fallen Angel who lost her way through being hurt by previous lovers. She loses her trust and happiness and starts to become darker. The gentleman in the story is represented by a Ghost who once was a believer in love but has faded now into lonely spectre through the trauma caused by his previous lovers. The two ultimately find each other in the night. The night represents the darkness that they are both lost in. Their ‘Twin Flames’ being the guiding light within themselves that leads them to each other.

The music is a combination between a strong rhythmic verse and melodic pre-chorus and chorus. Producer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle) and I wanted to create something with huge 80’s harmonies and melodic undertones to highlight the Stadium Rock element that the song is based on. The 80’s inspired Rock sound really lends itself to what Jackson Colt’s sound is.”

​’Strangers’ is available on all platforms from Friday 24 March 



Welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine Jackson Colt. Please can you tell us your background, where you grew and where you are based now?

I’ve spent my whole life in Johannesburg. Born and raised.

What got you into music?

My family are very big rock music fans. Growing up, they would always play music in the house. I started my journey with music listening to bands like Deep Purple and Creedence Clearwater Revival. What got me wanting to play the guitar was hearing Eddie Van Halen.

Can you explain your genre and your sound?

My music is very influenced by Classic Rock. Listening to it while growing up, I feel most like myself writing in that style. Some of the songs do have a modern twist to them, but they are still 70s and 80s rock at heart.

What are your musical influences, and what sort of bands did you grow up listening to?

I have always loved rock music. From the early days of Chuck Berry and Elvis to the more modern metal bands like Children Of Bodom. My biggest influences is 80s rock. Bands like Guns n’ Roses, Def Leppard and Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen has always been my biggest influence on the guitar.

Are you a solo musician or do you have a band?

I do have a band. Dean on bass, Piet on rhythm guitar and Matt on drums. They are all really talented musicians and I am very happy to get to work with them.

Let’s talk about the new single, namely ‘Strangers’, what is the song about and what is the story behind it?

Strangers is about the idea of Twin Flames. Two souls who spend there lives searching for each other. In the story, both souls are lost in darkness which represents past trauma and pain. Their “Twin Flames” are the only light within the darkness which leads them towards each other.


Dale Schnettler from Prime Circle fame produced the track, how was it working with someone like him?

My first ever live show I saw was a Prime Circle show when I was a kid. I met Dale there and he signed some drumsticks for us. He has been an inspiration to me throughout my entire career. I met Dale properly last year when we started working together – about fourteen years after he signed those drumsticks. It has been such an unbelievable experience to work with one of my music heroes. He is the most talented musician and producer in South Africa. I am very grateful to have a mentor and friend like Dale and yes, I still have the drumsticks and I’ve shown them to him.

Where was the track recorded and what was the recording process like?

It was recorded at Dale’s studio – Studio 37b. The track came out far better than I ever could of imagined. Dale really captured the 80s rock sound with the production and I love the punch the track has. The whole experience was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed how we were able to get the 80s harmonies in the vocals and guitars to stand out.

When will the track be available?

24th of March. It’s a Friday. The song is up for pre-save now  HERE

When you write songs, does the music or lyrics come first, what is the writing process like

It’s different with every song. Sometimes I’ll find a cool riff on the guitar or a melody, where as other times I would find a lyric or concept for a song. The whole writing process is very messy but it’s the end product that matters.

Can you explain what a typical Jackson Colt Live performance is like?

Super 80s. We want it to be fun. We strive to bring a lot of energy to the stage. Also a lot of bandanas, eye-liner, ripped jeans – the whole 80s look to go a long with it. It’s a full show not just a playthrough of songs.

Can you give us your social media links?

All Links https://linktr.ee/jacksoncoltrock
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JacksonColtRock
Instagram https://instagram.com/jacksoncoltrock
Bandcamp https://jacksoncolt.bandcamp.com/
TikTok https://tiktok.com/@jacksoncoltrock

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers and your fans?

Thank you so much to you all at Fanbase Music Magazine for the opportunity to be featured. Also I want to say thank you to everyone who still has that fire in their hearts for Rock n’ Roll music. The people who listen and support this genre is the reason rock will never die!


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