Dani B releases uplifting debut single Live It



Multi-talented artist, singer and DJ, Dani B has released her debut dance single, Live It, a powerful and uplifting anthem of resilience and empowerment. With her soulful voice and electrifying energy, Dani B has created a track that is sure to resonate with music lovers everywhere.

Written and produced by Dani B herself, “Live It” is a fusion of Disco, Nu Disco, Dance, and Funky House, fueled by driving beats and catchy hooks, this track is guaranteed to get audiences on their feet and moving. This dance track is not only infectious but also carries a powerful message of living life to the fullest and seizing the moment.

As an artist, Dani B has shown incredible strength and resilience, overcoming breast cancer in 2020. During the pandemic and lockdown, Dani B became known as the “Sea Point Balcony Singer” for her performances on her balcony, spreading joy and hope to her community while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She became an inspiration to many and a beacon of light during a very dark time for most.
Through “Live It,” Dani B shares the pearls of wisdom her journey has taught her one of them being one of self-love, encouraging listeners to “find their own direction” and “embrace their imperfections”, and to be the most authentic versions of themselves. She reminds listeners to “raise their vibration”, to attract the life they have always dreamed of.

“I hope this song inspires listeners to let loose, have fun and dance like nobody’s watching.” Comments Dani. She adds, “This song is my mantra, it’s a reminder of what really matters when I lose my way. Coming back to the present moment with gratitude because ‘All we have is right now’ so let’s live it!”


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About Dani B
This multi-talented artist brings together a unique blend of musical talent and showmanship, seamlessly transitioning from DJing to live singing, creating an unforgettable experience for her audience.

Dani B’s high-energy performances are known to ignite any dancefloor, making her a sought-after DJ for events locally and worldwide. With her powerful voice, a true passion for music and an undeniable stage
presence, she is the ultimate performer.

Dani B started her career as a singer in the club circuit, she quickly made a name for herself, performing with some of South Africa’s notable Jazz and Latin bands (singing in multiple languages) and even scoring a hit song on the radio at just 16 years old. With a string of accolades under her belt, including a win at the New York International Music Festival and a recording contract in LA, Dani B spent her
twenties performing with the most elite entertainment companies in New York City.

In 2013, she took her talents to Israel and became a finalist on the Israeli Xfactor. One of her career highlights including; producing and performing her one woman show as a guest entertainer on Norwegian cruise lines, playing the lead role in the Musical Evita for 2 international tours and in 2018 mastering the art of DJing which now allows her to be the mood director and bring her uplifting energy to her

Amidst the tumultuous and uncertain times of the pandemic in 2020, Dani B emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Not only did she bravely battle breast cancer, but she also became known as “The Sea Point Balcony Singer,” serenading her community from her own balcony while undergoing chemotherapy during lockdown and bringing joy to countless listeners. Her beautiful voice and resilient spirit earned her the distinction of being named one of the 6 “Faces of Lockdown” in the News24 limited series.

Dani B refuses to be defined as a mere “survivor” of breast cancer, but rather sees herself as a “thriver” and is passionate about raising awareness for the cause and celebrating life to the fullest. Dani B has opened for Some of South Africa’s top artists, such as DJ Zinlhe, Jazzi Q, DJ Fresh, DJ Le Soul, and Mshayi


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