Death By Design

Reviewed By Duzzy Clayton

Brutal comes to mind when I first heard ‘Death By Design…


Durban Thrash Metal giants Truth Decayed are back with a mind-blowing new single called Death By Design, anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of the band so I was very excited when I heard they are releasing a new single as well as working on a new EP

Truth Decayed just gets better with each new release and Death by Design is evidence of that.
Produced by Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia fame ‘Death by design is in my opinion, the band’s best single released to date.  Ryno Theron’s vocals are on point; his growls and screams seem to get better with age like chilled red wine. Warren Jones’ guitar playing is awesome, especially in the brutal lead solos and Daniel Philogene’s drums are better than ever and really help make the song. Newcomer to the band Renz Kruger on bass is sounding awesome and I can definitely hear the awesomeness and talent that he brings to the band. I can only wonder if his influence on the track is why I think this is the band’s best track to date. Although having said that each band member does bring their A-game to this track and as they say, the proof is in the pudding, it really shows just how great this band is.
Upon first listening to the track, I am somewhat taken aback but pleasantly surprised at the sort of slow start to the song. The intro kind of builds up to Ryno’s vocals and then you are suddenly blown away by the heaviness of the song. 
What I feel makes a good song is when it takes you not only on a journey but the music itself has a few twists and turns and just when you think you have gotten into or used to the verse, the chorus takes you in another direction and then you just feel overwhelmed but like you have just come out of a mosh pit and pulled in a different direction, other bands could learn from this, being a radio DJ myself, I often get sent songs that stay on one tempo chord structure through the song which doesn’t always make for great listening pleasure, this is not the case though with Truth Decayed- Death By Design.
I can picture myself listening to this song when I want to be pumped up, maybe as pre-workout before Gyming, or if I just want to listen to good old Metal and be proud South African bands are producing such great music. 
The band members of Truth Decayed Have had this to say about the new track:
Ryno Theron (Vocals & Guitar) “I feel Death By Design captures the sound of Truth Decayed’s most solid and cohesive lineup to date. It has become somewhat of an anthem at live shows, and the crowd’s reaction really makes us feel it was a step in the right direction.”

Warren Jones (Guitar) “Death by design was a very smooth and enjoyable song to record. Playing it live is even better. Even though Death By Design is so enjoyable, it has a darker meaning: we were designed to behave a certain way in society and contribute to a system that has crushed our dreams and aspirations. Death By Design’s intention is to give some hope so that those seeking to make a difference in their lives don’t stand alone.”

Daniel Philogene (Drums) “Death By Design has been a great song to work on as it’s our first recorded song as the new band line-up. It feels as if it’s shaped Truth Decayed into a more solid direction of where the music is going. It’s a very groovy and powerful song with super memorable vocals. Having used live performances to test the waters with new material, Death by design has only had very positive feedback from our audience.”

Renz Kruger (Bass) “For me as the newest member of Truth Decayed, the recording process for Death By Design was extremely smooth and very enjoyable. Death By Design has got some brutal guitar riffs and some slick solo parts along with some smooth and groovy bass lines that blend in well with some dynamic drumming elements and not to mention, powerful and deep lyrics. Mix that all up together in a big pot and you get … Death By Design. Playing Death By Design live especially is even more enjoyable as the vibe and energy”

Death By Design is available today (17th March 2023) on all streaming platforms HERE
I would like to congratulate everyone who worked on the new track, It truly is a masterpiece, and it really makes me proud to be South African I am equally excited about the metal scene coming out of Durban
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