Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boy’s release Howl the latest single from the upcoming album Heaving


Howl is the latest single from Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boy’s upcoming album, Heaving. It Is both defiant and devastating – a catchy and cutting song that slips from casual storytelling into visceral, near violent, confession. Catharsis in the form of rock ‘n roll.

Howl is in some ways the centrepiece of the upcoming record, which doesn’t just use the voice as a way to form words, but as form of expression – an animalistic kind of autobiography. Strange sounds, and intimate snippets of stories are threaded between pulses that hope to pull the body into feeling.

‘I spent the last three albums quietly singing about how I wanted to make a noise and on this song I’ve finally managed to do just that – which means when we go on tour I’ll have to make more noise, which is a lovely trap to have set for myself. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes, and how it all feels, for everyone involved.’

Heaving will be out on the 7th of April through Unique Records


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