John Lundun and Jessica LM collaborate on the anthemic power single ‘Crown’
Watch the music video for ‘Crown’ HERE

“John Lundun – Aries EP” due for release on May 10th

Pictured‘Crown’ cover art


John Lundun, one of SA’s most popular music producers, has teamed up with the incredible vocal talents of Jessica LM on the brand new single ‘Crown’. The single is released ahead of John Lundun’s forthcoming ‘Aries EP’, due for release on May 10th.

’Crown’ is a song of encouragement to all the Queens,” explains Lundun. Women are side-lined, undermined in our society and so many of our industries. With all this happening, they should always remember to put their crowns back on, each and every morning, take their stand and impact the world as they have through generations.”

Working with a Queen herself who reigns supreme as one of SA’s best vocalists, Lundun explains how the collab with Jessica LM came about and what it was like working together on the ‘Crown’, saying “I knew Jessica’s manager, Muhle Matthew, from back in the day and we used to be part of an Indie band called 3D. I reached out to her letting her know that I wanted to work with Jessica and she got us together in the studio. It just felt like everything fell into place. It was easy and effortless, our energies just matched and it was a short session with so much done at the end of it.”

‘Crown’ is also the theme song for the Africa Rising Music Conference and will see John Lundun and Jessica LM perform it at the opening event.

The release of the single is accompanied by a fun music video.

Watch the music video for ‘Crown’ HERE

John Lundun and Jessica LM worked with Tumelo from BSV (Bearlii Sober Visuals) on creating the music video for ‘Crown’. Both Tumelo and John directed the video, and Tumelo looked after the filming and editing of it.

So, how does Lundun feel about the final music video and how it links to the song? 

“It’s perfect! Not too much music going on, all the focus is on John Lundun & Jessica LM just doing the magic as if they were performing for a live audience. The bright background colours help so the viewer doesn’t lose any interest. It’s a minimalistic Music Video at its best.”

‘Crown’ is a superb release from John Lundun and Jessica LM with the single out now, the team are gearing up for the ‘Aries EP’ drop in May. With the aim of bringing music to the dance floor that sends an important message to support female voices within the music industry, as well as makes bodies move, Paradise Sound System together with John Lundun intend to release a body of work that aims to have a place both in people’s heads and their hearts.  Featuring artists who all bring the EP to a higher level, the Aries EP contains amazing combinations of strong, dance/house beats, verses and choruses that feature heavenly vocals, and an overall sound that effectively gets people moving while allowing listeners to also think and understand the messages the artists intend to send, the Aries EP is guaranteed to empower and inspire people the world over!

John Lundun has had a lifelong connection with music; he started learning at a very young age, and has developed and crafted his sound for the majority of his life, with this effort eventually earning him four nominations for the Limpopo Music Awards and has already had worked with key artists in the South African musical landscape such NaakMusiQ, Dearson, Rhey Osbourne and many more. In his forthcoming Aries EP, Lundun has collaborated with great voices such as Jessica LM, Thando Zide & Fifi Chronicles, intending for this to be a Dance/House project incorporating afro & western sounds.

Speaking on the effects the yet to be released Aries EP has on those who hear the songs, John Lundun says “Whenever these songs drop on the dance floor in various public spaces you can just see people’s eyes popping and heads turning, people are so drawn to the music and the want to know who is behind the music so they can keep it to themselves, that is always a good sign for any creator, it gives you surely and confidence that you are music in the right spaces and making a difference to world and ultimately to peoples lives.”

Stream/listen to ‘Crown’ HERE

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