Cindy Louise- Cant Own Me

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton


Cindy Louise is a Benoni-South African born musician now living in The Netherlands, although she has left S.A for greener pastures, I would still like to count her as one of our own and I am about to tell you why, before I write this review on her latest single I would like to stress that having interviewed her for my podcast (Listen HERE) and for Fanbase Music Magazine (Read HERE), I can honestly say, although she is rocking out abroad, I get the feeling her roots are still deeply planted in South Africa

Now let me tell you why I would like to still hold onto her as one of South Africa finest and one of our own. Cindy has just released her latest single called ‘Cant Own Me’

Upon first listen to the song, and please excuse me on how I say this, but if I was a woman, after listening to this song I would feel empowered, Although after interviewing Cindy and after finding out what the song is actually about, it seems I was not far off that she does write songs about woman empowerment, although this particular track is more about the work place and being empowered in the work place,

Cindy explain it better over here: “I wrote the track when I was feeling very misused in a work situation, and it made me so angry because this happens to many people daily and although you may work for a company or individual, it doesn’t mean they can control your every move. So it’s a bit of a rebellious track where I am saying, you can’t own me.”

So I guess no matter what sex you are, if you were to listen to this track you would feel a kind of empowerment, maybe even feel like Eminem looking at himself in the mirror before he was going into a rap battle in 8 Mile or the track ‘Lose yourself’

Everything about the track screams amazing, from the lyrics to vocals and the music, everything is done to perfection, it was recorded at Hal5Studio in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the chief mixer and co-producer is Calibeats (also known as Callum Melville) (He is situated in the UK). The vocals were also recorded in a Studio and the Sound engineer is Still Sound (Also known as Martijn de Groot).

I get sent a lot of new music doing what I do and trust me I hear all kinds of genres and also hear all kinds of quality in productions in songs, and something I am hearing more and more now is the great quality in songs, and the recordings and the quality in production is very evident in this song and this is to be congratulated to not only Cindy but to her whole team and everyone who worked on the track

I can picture myself listening to the track when I need some encouragement or about to face a huge problem head on or if I am just cleaning or working around the house I would have this song on my playlist and I can almost guarantee I would get the job done more quicker and feel a feeling of accomplishment

So this takes me back to my first sentence of this review, why we should still count, Cindy Louise as one of South Africa’s own, because the world is going to take notice of her, that is a given, But today I feel proudly South African that a country with all its problems and misunderstandings, everyday I see more and more, how this country has produced some of the worlds finest musicians. Cindy Louise, now is your time to shine, show the world what you got and hold the South African flag high because you about to blow up as the cool young kids say.

Cindy Louise- Cant Own Me is availible on all streaming platforms NOW, and if you do anything today, make sure you go stream it or download it then thank me later that I suggested you add it to your playlist

Once again a big Congrats to Cindy Louise and everyone who worked on this masterpiece of the track, you got a hit in your hands and I would be very surprised if radio stations all around the world don’t pick it up and play it constantly


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I see it in your eyes

Staring at me from across the room

I’m not blind

And I know that you hate me

Because you can’t control me

Better luck next time

Walking around the room

Looking so Goddamn innocent

But I know you and you’re about to know me too

You can’t own me

And you don’t know me yet

I make my own rules and live my own life

I’m sick of control

And I’ll tell you this one last time

You can’t own me

Now you may think that I’m fake

And that I play with my emotions

Well that’s not true

I speak my own mind

And once you’ve crossed that line

You’re dead to me

Don’t bother coming back to me

Think you’re so clever

Think you’re so sweet

You ain’t seen nothing yet

You can’t own me


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