The Cranberry Merchants-Forbidden

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton


The Cranberry Merchants are back and have done it again. The band has managed to do what they do best and that is to release a track completely different from what they have released before.

Although Forbidden, the name of the new track, has that typical Cranberry Merchants sound like I said earlier, the band has managed to produce something so different compared to what was released before, and in my opinion, just gets better with each new song they release.

Forbidden has that 80s robotic kind of feel, especially with the intro kind of synthesizer sound, and in the chorus, Steve Moore’s voice also sounds a bit like a robot, bringing a cool unique sound and flavor to the song. But speaking of vocals, I would like to congratulate Dianne Moore on her lead vocals on the track. She kind of has that Heart, Nena, or Blondie kind of sound in her voice and this is, in my opinion, her best work yet when it comes to vocals.

I feel when it comes to music, the band has broken a few boundaries on the instruments used and it seems like experimenting with different instruments and genres really paid off with the unique sound they have managed to pull off for this track. Each instrument on the track is done and played to perfection and it still blows my mind that they are a two-piece band.


What I have always admired about The Cranberry Merchants is that they have always done things on their own terms and a lot of their recordings are kind of on a DIY basis. For two people who don’t go into an expensive ‘studio’ with a producer, they really pull it off and their recording and production are always top notches, and this is evident in this recording of Forbidden

The thing about this track is that it could fit into an 80’s old school music playlist as well as a new age playlist of music of today, it just fits anywhere and will always be a great selection should it pop up on your random playlist.

I would like to congratulate Dianne and Steve on yet another great track. I cannot wait to see how the track does and also to see what the band comes out with next.

Forbidden was released on 24 March 2023 and is now available on all online streaming platforms NOW.


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She don’t know you
Like I know you
I know who you are
Secret wishes
Whispered in the dark
She don’t love you
Like I love you
I won’t leave you numb
I make you think
Those wicked things
That make you wanna run
I want to
I need to
I’d love to
I’d hate myself if I didn’t
I want you
I need you
I love you
But it’s forbidden
She won’t touch you
Like I touch you
Give you what you need
She don’t hurt you
Like I hurt you
Just to make you bleed
She won’t tempt you
Like I tempt you
Make you take a bite
She won’t thrill you
Like I thrill you
Make you feel alive
I want to
I need to
I’d love to
I’d hate myself if I didn’t
I want you
I need you
I love you
But it’s forbidden
You won’t smile
The way you smile
When you’re here with me
When you’re wanting
I’ll be haunting
Buried in your dreams

© The Cranberry Merchants (Dianne & Stephen Moore)


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