Indie rockers Face Jackson share the video for their track Big Mr Reggae


Face Jackson is a fresh 4-piece band hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. They initially formed in Bangkok, Thailand, writing a slew of original music and getting their sound together. Post Covid, the guys decided to come back to South Africa and set the scene alight. Today sees the release of the video for their track Big Mr Reggae, taken from their recently released 6 track EP.

With its upbeat tempo, catchy guitar riffs, and groovy bassline, the song embodies the classic sounds of Jamaican reggae mixed with a little bit of an indie rock flavour. Face Jackson’s smooth vocals and charismatic delivery add to the track’s infectious rhythm, creating a feel-good atmosphere that will have listeners swaying to the beat.

The lyrics initially condemn people’s lack of appreciation for the music around them but turns around to celebrate the power of music to bring people together and spread positivity, making Big Mr Reggae an uplifting and inspiring addition to any playlist. There’s great music everywhere and the music you create yourself is the greatest. Whether you’re a fan of reggae or simply looking for a catchy tune to brighten your day, Big Mr Reggae is the perfect song to get you in the mood for some good vibes

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Making his music video debut, Big Mr Reggae was directed by Matthew Fuller, a film student with a burning passion to create his own content. “I have been listening to Reggae music for as long as I can remember such as Bob Marely and Peter Tosh. So, directing a music video about a man called ‘big Mr. reggae’ who inspired people to bring passion back into their music really spoke to me.” He explains.

When asked about the locations he adds, “I’ve wanted to explore and capture the different beauties of Cape Town since I moved here and what better way to show off this beautiful city than to contrast the hidden charms of Observatory with Chapmans peak on a beautiful afternoon with the sunsetting in front of us.”



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Having shared the stage with South African rock giants like Springbok Nude Girls and Desmond & The Tutu’s the band has been noted for the incredible energy they bring to each of their performances. “Face Jackson’s infectious energy can make dancers of the dead… There’s something to be said for the band’s crowd work, which makes their performances feel like a shared experience, not just a stage act.”  Says James Browning from Let’s Get Local.

Their mixture of rock, hip-hop, funk and reggae has been likened to Sticky fingers, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sublime – spanning a wide range of styles, their music is distinctly their own.


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