Ross Harding- Everything Is Black

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Ross Harding is back with a Maxi 3-track single. What I like about this release, is you are getting 3 for the price of one, Although the track ‘Everything is black’ is the main feature of this release, the release also comes with two live tracks namely ‘Dark City Blues’ and a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’

Let’s start with Everything is black, a hauntingly beautiful track with groovy sludgy guitars with some awesome lyrics and vocals. I have been a big fan of Ross since his last released EP Chapter  2 but I feel with this next release, Ross has moved up a notch and has become his own person and a force to be reckoned with in the industry

When asked about the single Ross had this to say about it ” Everything Is Black is a grooving, hard-hitting hard rock song with a blues backbone, an anti-establishment narrative and lyrical/visual themes that deal with death, the Four Horsemen and the Apocalypse.”

The track starts with an awesome rusty guitar riff and with Ross Harding screaming Yeaaah and that moment I just know this is going to be a great single, first of all, Ross; vocals are great on this track, and it makes me pretty happy because as a South African, we got our very own Chris Cornell in our hands if I was to compare his vocals with anyone, ‘Everything is black’ a well written and composed song from start to finish, it is your typical Rock grunge bluesy track and it will blow you away upon first listen as it did to me


Next up we go to the cover of ‘War Pigs’, now Black Sabbath is a huge name in itself and you would have to have big balls and confidence to cover ‘War Pigs’, well Ross and his band do it effortlessly and do very well. What I like about covers, I look for two things, does the band do the original justice and does the band make their song own, I can tick both boxes for this rendition of ‘War Pigs.  Ross Harding and his band do such a great job on the track, everything from the music to Ross; great vocals,  give this cover 10 out of 10

Lastly, the 3rd single of this Maxi single release is currently one of my favorite tracks from Ross Harding, ‘Dark City Blues’ is a great in-your-face rock blues track, it is hard to pigeonhole Ross Harding’s music because I hear a lot of grunge and rock but then he writes a song like this and the rock and grunge mixes with your typical Blues sound which just lifts the song and makes it kind of more intimate and this can be heard in the lyrics of the song and how they are sung

Everything about these 3 singles is awesome and if you are a fa. of Rock, grunge, or blues you will get something out of this. I look forward to adding these 3 songs to my playlist and can picture myself singing along to the songs as they are catchy but also have that dark deep element to them that while I sit back and listen to them I will be taken away to another world of beauty and noise

I would like to congratulate Ross Harding and all that worked on the singles, they are great and as I said earlier it makes me proudly South African, this country still produces great talent such as this


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