Psychedelic punk rockers We Kill Cowboys release live performance video of new single Journey


We Kill Cowboys is a Cape Town based, Four Piece, Psychedelic Rock Band, the brainchild of Tattoo Artist and singer-songwriter, Alex Muller. The initial project was born out of the 3-month lockdown of 2020 when Alex had the time to rediscover her musical roots and put together a collection of songs for her first solo EP, entitled Let it Burn. The EP was recorded by long-time friend and fellow musician (and legend in the Cape Town underground scene) Jon Shaban at STFD studios. A record deal with STFD and Just Music swiftly followed and, with lockdown restrictions easing, thoughts soon turned to turning the EP into a live prospect.

While the EP had reflected the more melancholic isolation of the lockdown experience – sparse arrangements, built around acoustic guitar and Alex’s plaintive voice, a gut feeling was compelling her to seek a bigger, more electric sound.

Approaches were made to good friends from years gone by in the scene and soon enough, the group gathered in the live room at the label office to spin some shapes. Things exploded from there with the band drawing on their varied influences, spanning Metal, Punk, Rock n Roll, Country, Western Classical, Indian Raga, Folk, Blues and a host of other genres besides.
Lyrically, Alex delivers a raw, uncompromising and anti-establishment polemic, drawing directly from her lived experiences in the music scene and the world at large.

Today sees the release of a live studio performance video of their latest single Journey, taken from their recently released DIRTY BUSINESS ep.

“Journey is a personal song. I wrote it to express my feelings and ideas around feminism, reincarnation, from a spiritual perspective, as well as from an emotional standpoint. The journey we go through as humans is never ending. It’s about sacrifice and love. Even though it’s written from the female perspective, it’s not necessarily gender specific. Anyone can relate to the human experience.” – Alex Muller

We Kill Cowboys is raw energy. We Kill Cowboys is having a good time. We Kill Cowboys is about flipping the bird to conformity while sipping on some ice-cold Lemonade…

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