Ruff Majik shares new single from upcoming album Elektrik Ram and announces vinyl pre-orders.

With iconic music press buzzing over Ruff Majik’s new album Elektrik Ram, set for release on the 28th April 2023 via Mongrel Records the band release fiery new single Queen of The Gorgons.

A rewatching of the classic 1981 ‘Clash Of The Titans’ set Johni Holiday’s brain gears into motion, somewhere during a delirious recovery state. Basically, we all know the story of the gorgon Medusa, and how she was slain at the hands of Perseus. In this version of the story, the tables have turned, and Perseus (the speaker) finds himself head over heels in-love with Medusa, and fairly close to worshipping her, singing about admiring her ‘serpentine locks of hair’ and ’emerald eyes set to stun’. Of course, Johni also delves into biblical references when he asks the serpentine woman to build him ‘a church from my ribs’ so he can sing her hymns every day.

“It’s about admiring a woman for her fierce attitude and way of life. She has no care about the speaker and has no need to care about him. The story revolves around his maniacal worship of her, and her indifference to his existence.” – comments Johni

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on an Elektrik Ram vinyl – here’s your chance. Watch the lyric video for Queen Of The Gorgons and as you will notice it’s full of Easter eggs. Whoever finds all the Easter eggs first wins a copy of Elektrik Ram and a one of a kind, never to be printed again t-shirt.

1. Take screenshots of all the Easter eggs you find.
2. Post them as a story, reel or a regular post in order, and remember to tag the band.

Watch the official lyric video


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Pre-order Elektrik Ram on all digital platforms:

Pre-order Elektrik Ram on 180g black vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

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Rest of World – HERE

The horned infant known as Ruff Majik emerged from the primordial ooze when the band moved from the historical town of Lydenburg in 2012 to the capital city of Pretoria, where they honed their craft for a few years before finally entering the studio to record for the first time. Now, with a number of EP’s and two lauded albums under their belt, not to mention a megaton of local and international touring, they return with what might be their defining work in the shape of ‘Elektrik Ram’.

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