Lauren Lee-Speaks To Us About Her Music Career And New Single

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Lauren Lee is a musician I am fast becoming a huge fan of. Not only is she a great talented musician but she is also a very down to earth person, Lauren has just come out with her latest single called To Womb It May Concern, I catch up with this unique musician to talk about her music career and the new single as well being an ambassador for New Heritage Foundation

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Hi Lauren, Welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, can you tell us about your background, where you grew up, and where you are living now?

I was born in Eesteriver and now reside in Kuilsriver.

What was life like where you grew up and how did that shape the person you are today?

I come from a musical family and naturally I was encouraged to perform from a very young age. I had a Christian upbringing so church was important. My Christian upbringing shaped me into the God-fearing woman I am today!

How did you get into music?

Growing up in a musical family, meant I too had to perform because everyone around me were performers. In my teenage years, this really grew on me and I thought it would be worth pursuing as a career. I then received a scholarship to the Cape Music Institute and the rest is history.

How would you describe your sound or genre?

I am a mezzo soprano singer. I am, undoubtedly, a soul singer but I enjoy crossing over to some R&B and pop, occasionally.

Can you name your musical influence?

Jill Scott, her souful voice has always been my inspiration.

Okay, let’s talk about your new single, ‘To womb, it may concern’ which is a very interesting song title, can you tell me what the song and the title are about?

To Womb It May Concern” is a letter to my son about the tribulations and joy of giving birth to him prematurely. It was a scary time and I feel truly grateful that both my son and I are healthy and happy!

Where was the track recorded and who worked on it?

The amazing Angelo Bagley was the man behind the lyrics. My incredible husband, Haydn is my producer so he recorded the song at home! It was tough with loadshedding but we managed to release the single despite the challenges.

What was the recording process like?

First, I needed to learn the song and get familiar with the lyrics then Haydn did the mastering and production.

Your husband is actually your drummer and your producer, can you tell us how it is working with him and how you separate work from private life with your partner?

Haydn is a fantastic partner, he supports me in everything I do! Working with him is a breeze, he understands me and knows my personal and professional ambitions. We have a system, we know when it’s time to be serious (career-wise) and we know when it’s family-time.

When you write music, do the lyrics or music come first when you write a song?

The lyrics come first. With “To Womb It May Concern” the experience sort of wrote the lyrics for me.



Where and when is the weirdest time you got the inspiration for a song?

I think the inspiration for the song was always there since the birth of my son, Luca. He started pre-school this year so I finally had the time to actually put this song together. Having gone through such a beautiful yet traumatic pregnancy journey, I knew I had to share my story with the world in the best way I know how, through my music!

Can you explain what one of your live shows is like?

My main aim is to give my fans an enjoyable evening full of fun, soulful music and emotion. If I haven’t done this, I have failed my audience!

Where can people see you performing live?

I am performing on 22nd April at DNA Cafe in Kuilsriver.

You are involved in New Heritage Foundation, can you explain what that is and how you are involved?

I am a brand ambassador for the New heritage Foundation. I absolutely admire the work this foundation does! We go into schools to educate teens on safe sex and building healthy, meaningful relationships. We recently did an exciting pad drive, this will be donated to those in need.

How can people get involved with the organization if they wanted to donate or help?

If you would like to donate or help please contact The passionate and enthusiastic Chantelle Goliath head of The New Heritage Foundation passionate Chantelle Goliath

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Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our fans?

Download and listen to my song! “To Womb It May Concern” is available for streaming on all platforms HERE

Can you give us your social media links?

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  • Twitter: @LaurenLeeBock
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