Ex Newtown Knife Gang vocalist Spencer Martin releases debut solo single I’m Fine



Today sees the release of I’m Fine, the debut single from ex-Newtown Knife Gang vocalist Spencer Martin.

Born in South Africa with a passion for music and a love for performance, Spencer Martin has spent his life pursuing the dream of being a full-time musician. With a distinctive voice and a unique blend of musical influences he achieved success with previous bands We Shall Embrace and Newtown Knife Gang releasing two albums and multiple singles while performing across South African festival and venue stages.

Now based in the UK, Spencer is now writing, producing and releasing music as a solo artist while drawing inspiration from his past experiences. Blending his influences of Rock and Pop with with Lofi ambience to create an anthemic and atmospheric sound.

“I’m Fine was written during a 3 day snow storm where I was able to put together a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the weight of isolation. The song also deals with my coping of missing home and a life that no longer exists.” He reveals.
Adding, “For me personally, it is a reminder that feeling and showing that you are vulnerable is a good thing and all part of growing as a person. Musically, it’s outside my comfort zone. Combining some modern pop elements to a more comfortable Rock based sound that I’m more familiar with as well as arranging all the instruments. When in a band setting you are responsible for your own parts. This was a refreshing but challenging new approach.”       


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I’m Fine is available to download / Stream on all digital platforms.


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