Lauren Lee-To Womb It May Concern

Reviewed By Duzzy Clayton


I just love a song that has a story or a meaning behind it and this song I am about to tell you about definitely has a beautiful story. It’s a story of sadness, but then it turns out okay in the end. I even feel empowered when I listen to it.

So let me tell you more and let you know what it is I am talking about. Lauren Lee is an awesome musician I have just heard of but I am fast becoming a huge fan of hers. Her latest song ‘To Womb It May Concern’ is a phenomenal piece of music that not only sounds great musically and vocally but also has a nice story and message behind it, and this is what I was talking about earlier at the start of this review.

About 4 years ago, Lauren gave birth to her baby boy, but during her pregnancy, things were not all smooth sailing. Instead of me trying to explain exactly what went wrong and what the complications were, I urge you to listen to my interview I did with Lauren for my podcast HERE, where Lauren explains it much better than I ever will be able to, but in a nutshell, this song is a kind of Love letter to her son, that after having a difficult pregnancy and having all the worries that come with a situation like that, it all turned out okay in the end and Lauren was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy.


I do believe Lauren writing a song like this, which is open and honest and also has a beautiful ending. Maybe this song can inspire other moms who are going through a similar thing. Without even knowing it, I think Lauren’s new song is a shoulder to cry on, it is a lending hand and I even feel it can empower other women who have gone through similar things for that reason alone. I urge you to listen to my interview with Lauren and also give this track a listen and turn it up loud

So, from great lyrics to great vocals and the special meaning behind the song, let’s talk about the music itself now. The instruments and music in the song are played awesomely and really help bring out the emotion of the song. Something else I know from interviewing Lauren. I can say Lauren has got her own setup studio at home, and in fact, her husband also happens to be her producer as well as her drummer. I can honestly say the recording of the song and the quality of the song is top notch and all who worked on it can feel very proud of a great track.

I can picture myself listening to this track in my car or alone in my room and I just need a bit of motivation, because this track will definitely do that.

Well done to Lauren Lee, and everyone who worked on the track, you got a hit on your hands and I am sure radio stations around the world will pick it up and it is going to be a success.


To Read An Interview With Lauren Lee for Fanbase Music Magazine, Click HERE




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