Kat- Tokyo Ft Mark Haze

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Photography Bjorn Groenewald


Cape Town Multi-instrumentalist KAT has gone and done it again, together with her producer Mark Haze (who is a household musician and big name himself) have gone and produced in my opinion one of KAT’s best releases to date. One thing I like about KAT is that she is not afraid to break boundaries and she is not afraid to bounce around genres and sounds

If you expecting a track similar to KAT’s past singles such as Wolves or Halloween, then you might be pleasantly surprised and appreciate the talent Kat has in being able to jump around genres with Tokyo being more of an EDM, Pop Rock feel to it

KAT’s new single Tokyo is a beautiful tribute to Tokyo and Japan and to KAT’s time she spent in Tokyo. What I have always liked about KAt’s songwriting is that she really knows how to tell a story and after listening to this track it makes me want to visit Tokyo

One thing I must compliment is KAT’s vocals on the track, once again she manages to pull off great vocals that complement the style and sound of the genre and song

Tokyo is a single that takes you on many journeys and pathways, and earlier when I said the genre is EDM, pop, or rock, I really meant that because the song itself is EDM and something you can actually dance to, Kat’s vocals really have that pop feel to it and it has lyrics that you will find yourself singing along to, but then one of my favorite parts of the song and something I was not expecting, Mark Haze’s brilliant guitar playing in a form of a rock lead solo that just seems to fit right into the song.

Everything about this track screams hit single and I cannot wait to see how it does on the charts because I have a feeling it is going to do very well

I can picture myself putting on this track while getting ready for a night out or need a song to put me in a good or just want to reminisce

I would like to Congratulate KAT and Mark Haze on this masterpiece, this is KAT’s best work yet and I look forward to seeing how you are going to top this track because it is amazing.



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Pretty little Japanese girls

Pizza buns, Sakura drinks, and Godzilla hotels

I’m feeling just too good

All alone I’m doing just fine

I could die it would be alright

Cause this city makes me feel so alive

You are all I want, you are all I want

I wanna go, I wanna go

I wanna go to Tokyo

Robots dance the mystery in

Space is horror Sixty sixes

8-bits of whiskey feeling just too good

Ginga is just so electric, going deaf you wanna panic

Feed me to a Ninja cause I’m so alive

You are all I want, you are all I want

I wanna go, I wanna go

I wanna go to Tokyo

You are all I want, you are all I want

I wanna go, I wanna go

I wanna go to Tokyo

You are all I want, you are all I want

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