RADA Inspire – Service Industry Awareness Month

Be motivated to make a daily difference to the lives of others.

During April the RADA Inspire campaign brings awareness to the service industry, encouraging society to be kinder and behave in a more positive way towards those who serve us. Shifting one’s perspective and having a better understanding of the daily challenges service workers face creates empathy which should encourage an overall positive shift in our behaviour towards them.

Let us celebrate those who commit their time to serving others. The waiters, petrol attendants, domestic workers, cashiers, police, nurses, teachers, municipal workers and so many more invaluable contributors to a functional society, often working long hours under challenging conditions.


RADA acknowledges the factory workers, produce packers and truck drivers, the behind-the-scenes service workers who spend time organizing, on average, seven tons of donated food which RADA distributes monthly to vulnerable communities. Their contribution to the process is vitally important in supporting the humanitarian work RADA is involved with on a daily basis, making a difference to the lives of many.

Small acts of kindness and voicing encouragement can make a big difference to someone else’s day. Express your gratitude for good service received, it may be the motivation that person needs to get up and get going. Our daily intention should be to inspire and to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Be the Way …Be the Change …One Day at a Time.


How can you help?

Become a RADA angel
Sponsor a project
Donations – monetary and/or food and resources
For more information, visit www.rada.co.za
or email lisa@rada.co.za
Call or WhatsApp: +27 (0)83 564 6644
– Snapscan image available
– RASI video is available on YouTube @radahealing

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