Cece Vee’s Latest Single, “Wishes”, Is A Bittersweet Reminiscence On Relationships Come And Gone.

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Pictured: Cece Vee

“It’s an impressive offering, hinged on a familiar ubiquity we all try to shy away from, and bolstered by her own unique sonic stance.” – Texx and the City (2023 – Review of Funeral for the World)

“Her latest release ‘Shooting Stars’ sees her employing elements from 80s pop with her own unique modern twist.”  EARMILK (2022 – Review of Shooting Stars)

South African alt pop powerhouse Cece Vee started 2023 off with a bang with her well-received, dark alternative synth pop single, “Funeral for the World”, which showcased the darker side of her music.

Continuing the momentum of a fruitful 2021 and 2022 which saw Cece continuing to make her mark on both the local and international music scene with tracks such as Self-Doubt” and Shooting Stars” climbing charts, the use of her music in an episode of US series Good Trouble, and even earning a SAMA (South African Music Awards) nomination for Artist of the Year, 2023 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for Cece Vee.

Having explored a diverse array of subject matter in her music so far, including self-doubt, healing, fleeting relationships, toxic love and socio-political commentary, her latest track steers in a softer, more emotive and wistful direction.

The penultimate single before the release of her second EP expected in mid-2023, “Wishes” features Cece’s signature alternative retro pop sound and confessional lyrics in the form of an 80s-inspired synth pop ballad.

Cece reveals that “Wishes” is about parting ways with someone either due to life circumstances that cause you to grow apart or when it is no longer healthy to stay in contact. “It’s really painful to let go but sometimes that is all you can do. You wish them the best, and there is always a piece of them that remains in your heart and memory. After much time has passed, you reminisce and wonder what happened to this person, if they are doing okay and if their wishes and dreams ever came true.”
The release is accompanied by a lyric video that shows imagery of Cece crossing a desert alone, wistfully looking back. There is something mysterious to her solitary figure that leaves you to wonder; is she waiting or is she leaving?

“Wishes” is a tender offering that truly showcases the diversity and depth of Cece Vee’s artistry amid her growing catalogue of releases. Her delicate yet confident delivery of “Wishes” is honest and gentle, her dreamy vocals creating a perfect balance of vulnerability and strength. A bittersweet reminiscence on relationships come and gone, it is a track that will stay with you long after the final note fades out and, like all her music, leave you wishing for more.

Stream Wishes HERE
Watch the lyric video HERE

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