Lungisa Xhamela returns with uplifting Amapiano single ‘Kuwe Bawo’

Stream/Listen to ‘Kuwe Bawo’ HERE

After a three-year hiatus, Lungisa Xhamela is back with a new single that showcases his versatility and spiritual depth. “Kuwe Bawo” is a prayerful amapiano masterpiece that blends infectious beats with heartfelt lyrics, making it an instant hit for fans of both gospel and dance music.

Stream/Listen to ‘Kuwe Bawo’HERE


The song, which is the first single off Lungisa’s highly anticipated second studio album, is a celebration of faith, hope, and joy. With its catchy chorus and uplifting melody, “Kuwe Bawo” is sure to leave listeners feeling warm, encouraged, and eager to hit the dance floor.
“Kuwe Bawo” is a testament to Lungisa’s artistic growth and his commitment to delivering music that speaks to the soul. It’s a timely reminder that, despite the challenges of the past year, there is still reason to believe in a brighter future.
The single is already gaining traction on radio and streaming platforms, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the full album later this year.
Lungisa Xhamela’s “Kuwe Bawo” is a must-listen for anyone looking for a dose of positivity and inspiration. Stream it now on your favorite platform.





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