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South Africa’s very own heavy metal giants Deadline are finally back with their latest album namely, Vitriol Inc.

I must say I have been looking forward to this album for quite some time now and only having heard a few singles here and there, I was so happy when the album was sent to my email box for review purposes, this makes me so grateful for the work I do because I get to hear the music first and then get to help pass it on to the public. 
I know Deadline is a big name in the industry particularly in South Africa, so when I say public, I really mean the massive amount of fans of the band who have equally been waiting for the release of the new album 
‘Vitriol Inc’, the new name of the album is all set to be released on the 5th of May on all online streaming platforms, and it is hard to think that is only the band’s 3rd full album because when I think of Deadline, I think metal giants of the industry. Vitriol  Inc is a 10-track album that is in your face and each song is set to melt the faces off of anyone that listens to the album. 
Whenever I listen to a Deadline album, I always feel a part of a cult, or maybe cult is a strong word but I always feel like I am part of an industry or community that makes me want to take to the streets and fight for what is right and this feeling is very evident in the lyrics of the 2nd single after the intro namely Vitriol.
Lead vocalist Jessyswitchblade doesn’t only take you on a journey with his captivating lyrics, but he also has grown in my opinion as a vocalist and songwriter and this is really evident in the new album.
All songs on the album are so well played but I must also congratulate the quality of the recording which I believe was Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Dread Studios and Gloryvale Studios.
If you are a Metallica, Dio, or Anthrax Fan, then you definitely going to enjoy this album, but I do pick up a hint of Slayer influences in one or two tracks and I really think this album is a must-have for any Big Four of metal fans. 
I have always admired Deadline for being proud of being similar to an 80s metal band and you can still hear the classic sounds of 80s metal in their sound but in my opinion, the band has managed to put a modern-day spin on the genre.

Although the whole album is amazing if I was to pick and choose tracks to check out first I would suggest giving   Vitriol, Cult Of PrometheusMy Sweet Apocalypse, Codebreaker, Devil In Disguise, and Monuments all a listen but having said that, listening to the whole album start to finish, like how I first listened really takes you on a cool Journey with the band.
What I have always loved about Deadline is the thought they put into everything, I am sure every Deadline fan knows the story that continues from album to album, and also how much thought goes to even the artwork of each album, well I am happy to say Deadline has not only got a great album of songs that takes you on a continued journey but the artwork of this new album is really great too, which was done by  Barend Chamberlain.
I would like to congratulate the band on an amazing new album and I cannot wait to see these songs be played live, because one thing is for sure about Deadline, as much as being a great studio band, they are an amazing live band and if you see they playing at a venue near you, go give them your support.

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Gilby From RSA Rock N Metal Fans also proudly supports the band and can not wait for the release 

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